When Worlds Collide: Another Liveblog of a Pooh's Adventure episode

Psyga 315

Part Eight: Let's Drop The Axe...

Alright, when we last left off Pooh and his friends, Buster left with Shaggy, Scooby, Crystal, and Amber to go find a Jackalope, who may or may not be related and the others meet SALF-Tachi, the trio of the characters we saw in the first part. What does SALF-Tachi have to offer? Other than a joke that Tigger thinks is not funny for some reason? Let us find out!

Part 8 of 13 (Which is blocked due to copyright infringement. ONORE YOUTUBE!)

So after more exposition on the aliens and ZOMG! FORESHADOWING!, they explain where Shaggy and Scooby are. They are on a date with Buster in it... Okay, that sounded so wrong in so many ways. First off, Buster is a child. Second, he is a bunny. Third, he is a humanoid bunny. Fourth, Max already knew where Buster went so shouldn't he tell them?

So the scene changes as we see Crystal take some random pictures of animals while the security guards come and spot Shaggy and Buster. They both go Oh, Crap!. It turns out that they happen to be trespassing. Gee, no wonder why they put up that fence. So, after they get kicked out, Crystal wants to go back as she confesses that she is a government agent. (Oh, and a treat from Buster: "Then what are... dyu?" It's official, Dyu is now Buster's Verbal Tic, Ugu-Gao-Desu~!) So she was sent to investigate the alien sightings and... the rumours that someone found a black lamp... Oh great. Disney fans should recall that the Black Lamp she is referring to is the lamp that Jafar from Aladdin was trapped in. In the sequel, Abis Mal found the black lamp and freed Jafar from it. I can assume the same can happen here. That was a good line for foreshadowing Jafar's appearance. Had I not seen the intro, I would have gone Oh, Crap! (or I would have used Google to find out what in the hell she was talking about). More Ship Tease later and we shift back to the gang who thanks Max for showing them around as Lester The More-Than-Likely shows up, pulling off the Clown Car trick the Ecto-1 pulled off in the previous Pooh's Adventures episode.

Oh and Velma is suspicious about SALF-Tachi. God damn it, Velma, can you not be so paranoid? And Part eight ends. Tune in next time.