When Worlds Collide: Another Liveblog of a Pooh's Adventure episode

Psyga 315

Part Seven: SALF-Tachi's on a Strike

Last time we left Pooh and his friends, they met Max, one of the first three characters we see when the movie began. Letís first check the comments.

Who is this? It seems like Kadoya Tsukasa had entered the fray. Suddenly Iíd like to read the comments, but, I have to do this movie. So letís begin!

Part seven of thirteen

So they talk to Max and sometime later, Crystal and Amber arrive. Shaggy and Scooby take their leave and join Crystal to find the Jackalope that we saw a while back. And then they ask Buster to come. Why? Because he is a bunny as well? Weird... Then that scene where Buster moves away plays with some music on it. It counts as another musical. And I liked the little switching between clips. "Goodby- Arthur!" Also, that scene was pretty sad and this is used for something that isn't all that sad. Weirder and weirder...

So Shaggy takes Crystal to the place where the most epic fight over a piece of dog food (or treat) occurred. Oh, and where they saw the Jackalope. Soon there was all this "let's impress the girls" scene, and Shaggy picks up some flowers. Then Buster said, "Well, I wouldn't take those flowers if I were you." but the way he said it was "(Garble) Wouldn't take those flowers if I were (garble)." The result of picking up the flowers? A bug crawls into Shaggy. Buster (and for some reason, Arthur, though that is because of the clip used) laughs and comments on Shaggy's "dancing.Ē For some reason, I liked this. It is the kind of interaction I wanted in the other Pooh's Adventures episode. Sure, they are not teaming up to take on an evil force, but seeing Buster interacting is a remarkable sight. Sure, Buster is saying the obvious, but at least he's interacting unlike with the other one where they were downright stealing lines from other people. I think I am starting to like this. Sure, there are some things I pick at, but hey, it is fun!

So after more Ship Tease, Crystal and Amber climb over a fence, with Buster rock climbing climbing as well. Shaggy and Scooby are reluctant (as always), but a scooby snack Crystal convinces them with her "come hither" gleam. Now we see the rest of the gang, now meeting the rest of the Trio composed of Max, Steve, and Laura... For the sake of convenience, Let us just call the trio SALF-Tachi. Anyways, Steve thinks his work is boring, and Max says he is right. They laugh and Tigger says that it was not funny. And I agree. I did not laugh, thus it was not funny. But it could be worse. Max could have said "You mean you wished it was."

Whelp, time to end part seven, tune in for part eight.