When Worlds Collide: Another Liveblog of a Pooh's Adventure episode

Psyga 315

Part Four: What is a Torque?

When we last left off Pooh and his friends, they were still talking with Lester, the creepy, crazy old man. Let us see how long it takes before Lester goes into an insane asylum.

Part four of thirteen (Blocked as well... ONORE!)

So Buster declares that he likes Lester. Binky agrees with me and tells Buster to stop kissing his ass, but Buster continues to anyways. So Lester invites them to his house to look at some pictures. With Pooh and Buster (by extension) looking at total awe. I would say how he would be crapping his pants over the Funny and Talking Animals, but the poor old man was probed, I think he would believe anything after that. Heck, Fred and the others should be freaking out too, but from the fact that they know Pooh, I would assume they are cool with the whole thing. Wow, Ttark had just fixed some of the problems I saw with the previous Poohís Adventures in about two to four parts.

So an alien falls out of the closet and itís apparently funny according to Timon and Pumbaa. Buster continues to kiss Lesterís ass by offering to buy some of his paintings. Yeah, Lesterís pictures of the aliens are paintings. Cloudcuckoolander much? Pretty much, as he shows the ladies a room for them to sleep in. Remember, this is not Daphne and Velma anymore, D.W., Muffy, Emily, and Francine are with them as well. And there are enough beds for two. And no, this isnít limited to the ladies, the men have to sleep on the couch, which could fit one human. I am now totally convinced that Lester had gone senile, because any sane man would be struggling to make enough room for a boatload of characters. And you know what? He does make enough room. On the roof. This guy is becoming as Crazy Awesome as Brother Grimbsie. And yes, I am noticing that I am kissing his ass as well. Thanks for noticing. So, I assume that Pooh and the others are with Shaggy.

I guess not, the aliens abduct Shaggy and Scooby and there was no mention of Pooh, or the others anywhere. Lester still gets brownie points for turning his house into a clown car and still finding enough space to sleep. Less creepy and plot-hole filled than ďLetís set up camp around this house, surely, no one would consider calling the cops on us!Ē However, it still has its plot holes: The house could only hold five, counting Lester himself. Now multiply that, by say, three. That's how many people are at his house at the moment.

So, yeah, Shaggy and Scooby get abducted, probed, and then wake up in the middle of nowhere, where they meet a hippie that is forty years too late (donít worry, this is justified) and her dog. We shall end this part here. Tootles.