When Worlds Collide: Another Liveblog of a Pooh's Adventure episode

Psyga 315

Part Three: Look At Those Incisors!

When we last left off Pooh and his friends; Scooby, Shaggy, Tenneesee (who I shall assume is our Limelight character, much like how the Ghostbusters were in the previous liveblog), and Chumley are chased by aliens. They wind up in the diner where the others are. Let us find out what happens!

Part three of thirteen

Shaggy explains that aliens chased them. Three guesses what happens when Fred checks. Give up? Fred finds nothing and the gang does not believe Shaggy. Take a shot. So Shaggy describes the aliens and then all of a sudden, he wants some food. Then Timon agrees and WOAH! SIMBA’S YOUNG AGAIN! NOW HE IS GOING THROUGH PUBERTY AGAIN! HEY! GUESS WHAT? LET’S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN! So... they begin to eat. Uh, guys, aren’t you forgetting something? Nope, Pooh begins to eat and it zooms out of the book, signifying the end. Welp, we are done.

Wataru: No, you are not-

I know. Thirteen Parts. I did the math. Rabbit seems to speak my language as well. “How can you think of food at a time like this?” I laughed when I heard this because a good minute was spent seeing TEENAGE!Simba and Timon slurping snails. Okay, the gang are in a diner, this means only one thing: EXPOSITION TIME! The lady at the diner tells the gang that Aliens have been invading not a short while ago. Some crazy old man goes and rants on how they will take over the world.

N. Bison: Naturally!

So, the chef offers Shaggy and Scooby food and then... “How can you think of food at a time like this?” Really, Rabbit? Again? Once was funny, but twice? So Lester, the old man, begins to talk about his abduction and probing. Thankfully, his dialogue was cut either by WB or by Ttark, thus sparing us the gruesome details. Lester says that if there were other victims, they are not telling the stories of them being probed. Tennessee claims that it must be a...


Wait, what? That is not a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment! Granted, if we did see them being probed by aliens and then they do not speak of it again, then it can be considered a BLAM. But no, we didn’t see it, thus it’s not a BLAM. A better example would be the random and awkward eating scene that went on for a full minute. Thanks for playing though as you get points for it. Sadly, you did not use the BLAM song, thus you also get negative points. However, I liked the Hey, That's My Line! thing though, so you get good points too. Besides, who was talking to Tennessee? Ttark?

So, Lester snaps yet again and causes the lady to spill her tray, resulting in him apologizing, as does Piglett. Which causes me to wonder what was he sorry for. Okay, so then Shaggy eats the food off the floor (ew) just before Scooby and Timon says that's what he gets for stealing Shaggy's food. Uh, if you are recalling the Scooby Snack thing, I recalled that they just fought over it.

Then all of a sudden, Arthur appears. And Buster. And Brain. And D.W. And Emily. And Binky. And Muffy. And Francine. and Benito Mussolini, and the Blue Meanie, and Cowboy Curtis, and Jambi The Genie. So, what the hell are they doing here, in the middle of nowhere, somewhere that I assume is far from Elwood City? They never explain! You know, there are Free-Range Children, and then there are children that could wind up on a milk carton. Remember the last time Arthur was this free range? It was that time when he missed his bus stop. He was scared, as was his family. Okay, he is with his friends (and sister) but still. Do their parents know they are gone? I could imagine the dialogue. "Mom, me and my friends are going to the desert!" "Okay! Take your sister with!" Do you ever see that happening in real life?

So anyways, Pooh recalls that they met Arthur before, but cannot remember when. Pooh then introduces the gang to Simba, Scooby, Tennessee and the others (I am so tempted to use the -tachi honorfic). This makes me wonder, how did Tennessee and Simba come across Pooh? Were they with him when the thing started? If so, I was not informed of it like with Arthur entering. Hell, you have two scenes in the Lion King where Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa are in the desert running! Also, Arthur isn't crapping his pants over a lion. Moving on, Eeyore evolves into his Book Of Pooh form and recaps what happened recently. Buster, being the alien fan boy that he is, is interested. It would make sense if it were just Buster (along with other people that like aliens, and maybe someone who is scared of them) tagging along with Pooh, because again, he loves aliens. Oh, and Lester wishes to talk about how he was probed by them. Yes, old man, tell some ten year olds the time you had aliens doing God knows what to you. I am sure their minds will not be scarred from the incident. Or not, Buster simply says wow. And yes, it is the same clip over again. Will the creepy, crazy old man be stopped? Find out next time!