Reporting In, Sir!

Cygan Angel

Battle Readiness

Written on this day, the 39th of Audulis, 478

In the Divine Presence of Her Lady Iomedae

I have not yet received an answer to my previous report. I assume this is because it has some very short amount of time since my last report. Hopefully, you do not get annoyed with the flurry of owls.

Regardless, I am forced to report in early. A lot of events have occurred recently.

We had struck in to the forest, without any real idea as to where we were going. I did not have a very good feeling about this- after all, the last time I went somewhere without a map, I ended up two fiefdoms away from my intended goal.

Regardless, we soon came upon a small party of Kobolds- four of them, all in all. I attempted to make peace with them, but they reacted with hostility. We were forced to engage them in armed combat.

We were successful in the engagement, and slew them to the man-dragon.

Regardless, we recklessly rushed forwards, and were soon confronted by a band of goblins. Luckily for us, some of our comrades can speak their language- I suspect it is due to the fact that they loo physically similar, with their pointy ears.

We communicated with them, and organized to speak to their leader. We were led back to their warcamp, where we spoke with their leader.

During the negotiations, we were interrupted by a quick skirmish with some Orcs. I was injured during the fight, but our new allies healed us afterwards.

We set off soon afterwards, still without a plan. It was such a surprise when we stumbled upon another group of Kobolds.

These Kobolds seemed quite reasonable. I was able to capture their interest, and despite some minor setbacks, I was able to effectively organize for their assistance.

Afterwards, we were attacked by another band of Orcs. I was surprised when two bowmen (A man and a woman- Zenfyr and Agia, respectively) came to our aid.

That night, however, we were attacked by a Drow assassin. We managed to subdue him without injury. Before we could interrogate him the next day, unfortunately, we were attacked by Shifters. We fought and killed them, but one escaped and led us into an ambush. Nevertheless, we prevailed in the fight, and I successfully took a prisoner.

... I am ashamed to admit that I lost my temper while facing this Shifter down.

He reminded me of Heriuste. However, when combined with the Shifter’s smug, condescending attitude, I forgot my teachings and proceeded to violently interrogate him.

I felt ashamed afterwards. What I did was wrong, both morally and legally, and I should not have done it. I sought out a nearby river and attempted to atone for my actions, as best as I could, but I fear that the Lady shall not see it as enough. I will attempt to atone according to Her Will when I am free.

Afterwards, we decided it may be best to return to town.


I have wronged, My Lord.

And I fear I shall have need to commit further wrongs in the near future.

I understand the implications of this. I stand ready to receive judgement for my actions.

If I fall... Please let Leandrei know that she is cared for. Arrange for her to be guarded, now and forever after.

Do not let my death be in vain.

Reporting in,

Her Lady’s Servant,

Paladin Seren


This is the first time I've commented on your live blog. Pretty interesting stuff so far.
MrW 9th Mar 11
Goes double for me.....
MadWritter 9th Mar 11
I'm glad to see there's another one of these.

This one seems very, hmm, condensed? A lot more seems to happen in it than in the others. I'd like to hear more about this Heriuste guy.
LoniJay 10th Mar 11