Reporting In, Sir!

Cygan Angel

Odd Impressions

Written on this day, the 36th of Audulis, 478

In the Divine Presence of Her Lady Iomedae

I am pleased to report progress.

I have located a city of Humans. They were unreceptive to my questions at first, but eventually, I managed to convince a drunken townsman to admit that they were having troubles with several groups of monsters nearby.

Armed with this knowledge, I set out to find out more details on the situation.

It took several hours, and my coin purse is now several gold pieces lighter, but I have managed to grasp a picture of the situation.

It appears that several groups of Humanoid creatures are engaged in a... I hesitate to call it a war, as it is not that large. It is a series of repeated battles and skirmishes between from four to ten Kobolds, Goblins and Orcs at a time. Ordinarily, this would not be a problem. However, recently, the battle are getting closer and closer. Originally, they would attack each other perhaps once a month. Now, there is a skirmish every day or two, and they only seem to be escalating.

Even that usually would not have been a problem. However, the skirmishes have been enough to rouse some of the other inhabitants of the forest- including powerful Trolls and Lycanthropes.

In an effort to gain their trust, I volunteered to stop the violence. It was only after my offer had left my mouth that I realized the sheer absurdity of the task I had volunteered for.

Recalling my lessons from Knight Gregar, I attempted to seek out some allies. I did not have high hopes for success, but it appears Lady Luck was favouring me this day.

The tavern was full that night when I attempted to obtain food and lodgings for the night. I was forced to sit at an occupied table. Conversation was awkward and stilted, and I soon took my leave from the table, intending to head for bed.

When I woke up this day, I found myself in the rather odd position of being pinned down by a wolf. As you can imagine, my first reaction was disgust at the smell of raw meat on its’ breath. My second was curiosity as to why there was a wolf was in my bedroom. My third reaction was to throw the wolf off me and wrestle it to the ground.

After a short wrestling match, I soon found myself in the rather precarious position of being held out of a window by a Druid. I did not go down easily, as you can imagine; I managed to break my Divine Sword on the wolf’s claws, even. I am still mystified as to how this happened. Regardless, I attempted to explain the situation to the Druid. It was... not as successful as I had hoped.

I rather suspect that would have died, if it were not for the timely intervention of a kindly Elven man. He fed me a Potion of Slight Health, allowing me to rise up once again to combat the Druid. Or so I would have, if my new ally had not called me back. I had to listen; he had possibly just saved my life, after all.

The Elf attempted to ascertain the situation. I explained my half of the story; how I had woken up to find a wolf on my bed. Is it not natural to attempt to wrestle a wolf if you wake to find one baring its’ teeth at you? Apparently not. I am as surprised as you are.

According to the Druid, the wolf had smelled something strange on me. I explained that I had just spent nearly a week trekking through a forest with no changes of clothes, and I may have picked up some odd scents.

The Druid accepted this, although she still seemed suspicious.

Regardless, it appears she was impressed by my prowess in combat, as she explained the situation in the forest around us. I already knew, but I let her talk.

When she finished, I told her that I had offered to deal with the situation. She glowered, but before it could escalate into an argument, the Bard smoothly slipped in and suggested that perhaps we should join forced.

I accepted his offer. Of course, he meant that the Druid and I should join together to resolve the situation, but I managed to convince him to join us. A storyteller is always a welcome addition, after all.

We agreed to meet up in three hours. In the meantime, I had to go and obtain myself a new longsword. I made sure to visit the local Church on my way back, where I donated the rest of my gold.

When I once again met up with the elf- who introduced himself as a Bard named Felgrove- and the Druid and her wolf- Llayra and Haisa- they had a third companion with them. A Sorceror named Tramlaw, who was suspiciously good with a spear.

That is all I have to report. Hopefully, I will not take longer than four or five days to receive your reply.

Her Lady’s Servant,

Paladin Seren


Seren got pwned by a Druid.

Okay, to be fair to her, she did almost wrestle a freakin' wolf into submission. But yeah, then Llayra was all like, POW with her sling and Seren was all D: ~tumbles over~ and the wolf was all GROWL ~tackle~ and Llayra was all ~pick up and hold out the window~ SURRENDER MOTHERFUCKER

Okay, it was more detailed than even that, but that's the awesome version.

Yes. Anyway. So, here's how the party met in my mind, with Llayra kicking Seren's ass (With Seren putting up decent opposition).
CyganAngel 21st Feb 11
The fight went something like this-

Llayra shoots Seren from behind, dealing 3 damage to Seren.

Seren gets up and attacks Llayra unarmed, dealing 3 nonlethal damage.

Haisa ttempts to Sunder Seren's Lonsword. Seren fails the Ao O, and Haisa successfully deala 6 damage to it, breaking it.

Llaayra drops her sling and moves back five feet, drawing her scimitar and attacking Seren, dealing 4 damage.

Seren attacks her again, dealing a further 3 nonlethal damage.

Haisa bites her, dealing 3 more damage.

Llayra attempts to Grapple her. Seren struggles out of it.

Seren deals 1 more nonlethal damage.

Haisa attempts to Grapple Seren in turn. This time, she fails to escape.
CyganAngel 21st Feb 11
Well, this is the first one to actually keep my attention. You're developing nicely.

I don't know if this was intentional or not, but our main character seems a bit spacey, or at least, formally spacey. With the wolf thing and all. Was that intentional?
MrAHR 21st Feb 11
Thanks ^_^

Yes. She's a bit spacey like that.

See, what's happened is, as a Paladin, she's had her capacity to feel fear dulled. As she grows stronger, this dulls until she can't feel fear at all.

This tends to result in some... odd thoughts.
CyganAngel 21st Feb 11