Reporting In, Sir!

Cygan Angel

Of Good Tidings and Bad

Written on this day, the 29th of Audulis, 437

In the Divine Presence of Her Lady Iomedae

I am glad to hear that you are making progress on your quest, Seren.

Please remember to be on your guard. It would not do to lose another Holy Warrior so soon after we lost the last group- especially not one as precious as you.

I am sorry to say that this message is not going to bring entirely pleasant news, Seren...

Warriors Roant and Heriuste, two of the survivors from the attack on your Church, passed away several days ago. It seems that the skills of our own Clerics were not enough to stave off the infection from the wounds they received defending the Church, and they passed away.

I am, thankfully enough, able to say that they passed on with a minimum of pain. We might not have been able to save their lives, but we could at least spare them undue suffering.

The news I can bring you is not entirely unpleasant, however.

Thanks to your timely reports and valiant efforts in fighting off the people who attacked your Church, we were able to ascertain their motives. I am unable to tell you what their motives were, as you are not ranked high enough in the Order yet, but I am pleased to say that with this knowledge we were able to send out one of our best Warriors to stop their plans coming to fruition just yet.

Our Clerics were not entirely without their uses, either. They were able to stabilise the girl you brought in for Healing. Leandrei is making steady progress in her recovery, and with the power of Lady Iomedae behind us, I am confident she will eventually regain some use of her legs.

I should not reveal this to you, as you are not sufficiently high in the Order to gain clearance to this type of information. However, it was due to your efforts that this is happening, and I have the feeling that you would appreciate knowing that your efforts are not bringing in no rewards.

It seems that Leandrei is actually the missing daughter of Baroness Jerald, Lady of the Fiefdom of Aarrin. Baroness Jerald had been sent letter of ransom- it appears that the people that attacked your church were after Leandrei, possibly in hopes of this ransom. We are still investigating this situation.

Baroness Jerald has offered us a reward for rescuing her daughter. We are also hoping to achieve an alliance with her.

I am afraid I cannot reveal anything more, as much as I would like to.

I am attempting to have some of the reward handed to you, as you are responsible for the reward being given to us at all.

Hopefully, your efforts will soon be rewarded.

Anyway, I am afraid I do not have much more news for you.

As our Church does not have a presence on the island you are currently located on, I was unable to prepare resources for you.

I have sent a message to the Church of Pelor, located in the city of Perennea- the largest Elven habitation on the island. If you venture there, try and locate the Church of Pelor- they may have resources for you. I personally asked them to provide you with better weapons and armours, along with a variety of potions, but I do not know what they will actually be able to give you, given their limited funds.

And this is all for today.

Honour before your blade,

High Priest Indulas


Laying out some facts for you about Seren's background- evidently, her Church was attacked, and several other people were involved.

I am also using this as an opportunity to show other people doing quests and such in the background of the world. Seren and her party are not the only adventurers in the world, nor are they the only people on important quests.

I am also providing possible plot points for the GM, and establishing possible resources for use by the characters, without obligating the GM to give us anything.

Hopefully, I'll be able to do more like this- focusing on the world at large, more than just Seren's localized view.
CyganAngel 12th Feb 11
Those familiar with D&D game mechanics may also notice something odd here-

Namely, don't Clerics and Paladins have access to Cure Diseases?

Yes, they do.

The disease affecting Roant and Heriuste was not an infection caused by Seren not bandaging their wounds and cleaning them properly.

Rather, it was a Poison Curse-type deal, intentionally designed to look like infection. It's a rather tricksy mechanic, but it works for these purposes.
CyganAngel 12th Feb 11
Well, it's a set up. Nothing tugging yet, I think that you need to find a way to have a personality to find relatable, whether it's the reporter or someone she is reporting on, a stronger voice. I know you want the report to be formal. Which makes sense, but I would try and find a balance.
MrAHR 13th Feb 11
I'm hoping to do that in the post roughly... two posts after the next one. Post 5.

It's really difficult to work in a personality in a report-style format ^_^;

This is a good experiment for me :P

Hopefully you'll stick around long enough to see if it works ^_^
CyganAngel 13th Feb 11