The Titan Goes!


Chapter -7: Losing Our Marbles

In this recap chapter, I will be detailing the Exbelua fight, which I entered at level 13 or so.

Exbelua (10,000 hp) has a few attacks, an uppercut, the Impact Hammer (a downward smash with her arm) and Insane Cell (creates dark shockwaves around her) techs. I opened by flying over her with Tempest and letting Genis divert her attention so she wouldn't guard my attacks. She ambles over to him and I use a full normal hit -> Sword Rain -> Tiger Blade -> Beast combo to knock her down. I use tempest to get around her, healing when necessary, and continued doing the same combo. After a while, at about 4,000 hp, she started using Insane Cell very often, which made approaching her difficult. She doesn't stagger easily so I had to make sure she wasn't using Insane Cell before I could start up another combo on her. After a good deal more trial and error and plenty of healing from her powerful attacks, she dies.

So that was Exbelua, which means there are only 6 more recap chapters to go.