The Titan Goes!


Chapter 5.5: Important Info For The Reader!

Admittedly, I probably should have posted this info at the start of the liveblog, but since another chapter isn't going up today, and I'm about to go to the Tower of Salvation, I felt I should share some of the info regarding the setup of Lloyd. I will tell you what tech trees he's going down, what my ex skill set up is, what my general moveset is, and what my current main team setup is.

I know all techs except Sword Rain: Beta

Tech Trees: Demon Fang T type -> Demonic Chaos,

Sonic Thrust T type -> Hurricane Thrust,

Tiger Blade S type -> Twin Tiger Blade,

Tempest T type -> Omega Tempest,

Sword Rain T type -> Sword Rain: Beta,

Beast S type -> Hunting Beast.

My Ex skill setup is

Level 3 Eternal

Level 4 Ability Plus

Level 3 Spirits

Level 2 Vitality

my compound ex skills are Life up and spirit up until I max those stats.

My moveset is:

B - Sonic Thrust

Up B - Demon Fang

Down B - Tiger Blade

<—> B - Sword Rain

Up C - Tempest

Down C - Beast

I have it set up like this since Lloyd generally goes through his Tp pretty fast, so I use the lower cost techs until I get his Tp into the 600 range.

My current team is:

Lloyd (obviously)

Sheena (Dark Serpent, Mirage and Power Thrust Unison Attacks)

Genis (Fiery Beast and Lightning Tiger Blade Unison Attacks)

Raine (Photon Tempest Unison Attack)

I decided to share this since I'm soon to reach an important point of the game. I will be doing another one of these before the final boss with even more information.