The Titan Goes!


Chapter 3: An Enlightening Battle!

In this chapter I scaled the Tower of Mana, reached level 49 before the boss fight, and due to the required splitting-up of the party, and the numerous fights throughout the tower, Genis learned Eruption, enabling the Fiery Beast Unison Attack!

The foe this time is the monster guarding the seal of light, Iubaris (36,600 hp). He has a few attacks, including rearing up and flaring the spikes on his legs, a stomping attack, and attack where he summons 2 phantom cavaliers from behind him to rush across the battle field, the Force Ray tech, and the Photon spell. I opened the battle with a full normal hit -> Sword Rain -> Tempest -> Beast combo and then used a Unison Attack, ending with Dark Serpent, and then using a Guard Bottle (increases defense by 10%) on myself, to weaken his powerful attacks. He is a large target, so I used Rising Falcon to keep myself positioned in front of him to keep him away from my allies. I used Heavy Tiger Blade to Guard Break him whenever he started to guard, and then comboed him. Whenever he summoned the cavaliers, I used Tempest to avoid them and deal some damage to him. When he reached about 18,000 hp, and I had built up another Unison Attack, I used a Black Quartz (turns attack element to Darkness) and unleashed a super effective full combo on him ending with a Unison Attack, all of which reduced his hp to about 8,000. Afterwards I just pressed the attack and kept close to him, to dodge his Force Rays' and cancel his spells and he died quickly.

That ends chapter 3, In the next chapter, I'll be helping a Unicorn, and facing a few summon spirits.