The Titan Goes!


Chapter -8: The first boss

So, as you know, I started this Live Blog at the Balacruf Mausoleum, leaving 8 boss fights that I haven't covered. As such I will be adding these 8 fights during the days when no bosses are battled in the game, so these will be randomly placed throughout the Live Blog. I was level 11 when I entered this fight. Enjoy!

In this case, I'm up against the first boss of the game, Vidaar (8000 hp). He is very slow, but has a lot of range, and quite a few weapons (a ball & chain, a hammer, and a sword). He starts off wielding the ball & chain and the hammer and only has a large horizontal swing with the ball & chain, and a smashing hit with his hammer. When he uses the Shatter Shot tech (about halfway through the fight) he destroys his hammer and switches to his sword. with the sword he has an uppercut and a downwards slash with it. At the start of the fight, I simply waited for the Mysterious Man (Kratos) to show up, and simply took a few pot-shots at him with Demon Fang. After Kratos shows up, I used Tempest to get behind him and ran, letting him turn his attention to my teammates. Afterwards I rushed him from behind and used a full normal hit -> Sword Rain -> Tiger Blade combo and then ran off again. I simply rinsed and repeated that pattern until he killed my teammates. After he did that, I hit him once to see if he was guarding. If he wasn't I continued my combo, ending with Tempest instead of Tiger Blade to get behind him. If he did guard I just backstepped away from his counter-attack. He fell soon afterwards.

So this ends the first of the 8 recap chapters, which as was stated before, will be interspersed throughout the Live Blog whenever progress is slow.