The Titan Goes!


Chapter 2: An Inferior Ass-Kicking!

In this Chapter, I raided the Asgard Human Ranch and after many annoying detours, got to the battle with Kvar, Grand Cardinal of the Ranch. I was level 47 for this battle.

The battle features only 2 other party members (including Sheena, The Assassin, who will be a permanent member of the group) so there are less distractions for the enemies in the fight. Kvar (20,000 hp) and his 3 energy stones (11,000 hp each) are the opponents in this battle, and they aren't exactly pushovers. The energy stones have a basic attack involving rushing forward while encased in a ball of electricity and the basic Lightning spell, while Kvar have a couple basic hits with his staff, the Lightning Strike and Guardian Strike techs, and the Lightning and Spark Wave spells. I opened with a Unison Attack, as usual, and Kratos used Stone Blast, Sheena used Serpent Seal, and I used Sonic Thrust, activating the Dark Serpent Unison Combo for some solid opening damage. I then picked off the Energy Stones one by one with minor annoyance from Kvars' and their spells while they got rid of my party members. After that, I started up a combo on Kvar (normal hits -> Sword Rain -> Tiger Blade -> Beast) and pushed him back, using Heavy Tiger Blade to cancel his spells, Demon Fang to pick him up afterwards and backstepping away from his Lightning Strikes. I then just continued the pattern until he entered Overlimit, during which I ran away to provoke him into casting easily dodgeable spells. After the Overlimit wore off I rushed him, cut off whatever spell he was casting, and continued hammering him with combos. He reached about 10,000 health and then started to use physical attacks over magical ones, and he started using his Guardian Strike tech, which dealt a decent amount of damage, but wasn't crippling. I continued the offensive and he fell soon afterwards. After the scene Raine blows up the Ranch and I ended off at Asgard at level 48.

I hope you enjoyed Chapter 2 of The Titan Goes! Next time, I will be heading to the Tower of Mana, the 4th and Final Seal!