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Maximum Carnage Part 2

So I'm just going to jump into it.

Venom lands in NYC, in the airport sees the daily planet and BAM busts out into venom rage mode cause discretion? fuck that.

Then again considering the price of news vending machines...

Exposition happens, Venom explains his character motivation, namely: BALRG I MADE CARNAGE WANGST

Cloak is angry that the love of his life just died. Goes into a rage so bad his face horribly mutates. BTW I do apologize that the scans are tilted and blurred in parts, this book is fucking thick and my scanner isn't great in terms of design.

Oh right Peter's parents are alive again. Or they're claiming to be his parents. I don't fucking know.

So Carnage chews Shriek out for going after Spider-Man because he totally had a super serial blood feud GUIZE!

So back to the parkers and HOLY FUCK WHAT'S WRONG WITH MJ!!

I know it's the 90s but FUCK!

So I forgot to mention Spider-Man was going to take a few weeks off. MJ's mad that he didn't try, and got his ribs broken. She bitches him out for getting hurt. Man sometimes when you get home and the wife is all in your face about a night out with the boys, don't you just want to like sell your marriage to the devil?

Maybe it's just me.

MJ is happy Spider-Man's back and he can recuperate over the night because his Spider Powers help him heal. Missed that one... He reminds her that Carnage is like killing people MJ is all =O

So Carnage and Shriek get back together and are all lovey dovey. Peter and MJ bitch eachother out. More awful art of MJ.

We cut to Carnage killing an elderly couple in Central Park. Doppleganger kills a cop.

Spider-Man goes on patrol and sees the Demogoblin.

For those of you who don't know, the Demogoblin is basically "how do we use the green goblin but more evil?" his flying thing is on fire, he's got venom mouth red eyes and fuck it here's a pic and because I love you a close up of his face.

So Demogolin hits Spider-Man with a darkness bomb. Spider-Man goes super emo. Demogoblin picks up Spidey and monologs about sinners and penance and a catholic priest attempts a street exorcism, and Demogoblin kills him. Damn that priest should be the new hero. No powers just a wooden cross and a funny collar. Wait the priest survived. Hot damn! Get the man a mask he's the new hero of the comic. So we cut to Central Park and Carnage has well killed lots of people. Venom swings in bitches about the blood of innocents.

Though Venom's been booked strong it's still a 3 on 1 handicap match, and Venom jobs out, he staggers to Spider-Man's apartment and knocks on the door then passes out on the floor.

Best part of it? Peter Parker in Bear slippers FUCK YEAH!

So that ends issue 3. I'll try to get the next three out tomorrow.


Shit that is terrible art o__O. I wonder if we're being unfair to Liefeld, if the average art was like this in the 90s.
melloncollie 22nd Feb 11
In defense of Liefeld bashing he did lead the charge to terrible art.

But yeah there was a lot of bad art in the decade.
MEPT72 23rd Feb 11