Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

Mad Writter

Cartoon Heroes -- Act #1

As usual regular text is what's happening in the cartoon's universe. Italitics are the dice rolls and oomph uses.

Since I have 3 characters that meas I add 3 + 6 to get the OOMPH NPC total to 9.

=Act #1, Scence #1=

[A guard is pacing around C.C.M.'s lab. A bat flies past the guard and into a window. The bat flies thought the darkened hallway until she reaches a room fill with machines. The bat transforms into Vya Pire.]

Vya Pire: I hope I can get this thing to work

DN : 9 + 4 = 13. VYA: 12 + 1 = 13. Successfull

[[Vya Pire is able to active the machine which makes a hissing sound as a button is send flying. A light show happen and a A tall bald man with red eyes dress in a full black out: black shirt, black pants, black leather belt, black socks, black boots, black gloves.]

Vya Pire: Did I get a male Shadow Queen?

Lord Dark: If I was female, that would have been the perfect name. You look like a reject from a bad bard's horror story.

Vya Pire: Sounds like you one heck of a bad guy.

Lord Dark: I am.

Vya Pire: I can't want to show you to my friends.

Lord Dark: I'm all ears.

=Act #1, Scence #2=

[Figure, Erma and Stonika enter C.C.M.'s lab.]

Erma: Yo, C. Did you call us.

C.C.M: Yes, I did. Looks like we have a new villian in town.

Stonika: Then beam us a hero to help us battle him.

C.C.M: I wish I can but they is a problem. Vya Mire flew in here, but as she beamed the villian, the "Hero/Villian Searcher" from the transporting machine is missing. If I use it now I may get at best some hero from another universe or at worst, a villain from another cartoon universe.

Figure: Can you fix it?

C.C.M: Nope. It broken into millions of tiny pieces. I don't have spare...but I do know something that can help you.

Stonika: What's that?

C.C.M: While bringing the unworking protype has a working Hero/Villain Searcher. It's at my old partner's, E.W., lab. It's pretty far."

Figure: Don't worry, we get back and then send that villain back to his correct universe.

C.C.M: Be careful

[[Figure transforms into his van. Stonika hops in on the passagener side.]]

Erma: You worry too much for a human.

[[Erma hopes into the driver side of Figure's van form. Figure takes off.]

=Act #1, Scence 3=

[While on the road. Jigsaw in motorcycle comes out a side road as Figure pases.]

Jigsaw: Well, looks like I can make you history again............, Figure:

Figure: What's your game?

Jigsaw: Here's a clue: Just a little number upgrade...and a little number downgrade.

Figure: What in grease city is Jigsaw's talking about.

DN: 11 + 5 = 16. Stonika: 5 + 9 = 16.. Successfull

Stonika: They added one to their side by beaming the new villian and trying to subtract our side by elmiting the three of us.

Erma: Get us out of Figure.

Figure: You got it!

I'm going with the quick chase. For this case scene. I roll the chasing character first follow by the chased character. Jigsaw is the chasing character, so he's rolls first: 9 + 12 (A BOON!) .... 18 + 12 = 30. Now it's Figure's term: 6 + 1 (Flub)...Failure for Figure.

[[Figure turns out his speed diving though over a small bridge but ends up failing on a train track. Jigsaw saw a large tar tank near-by the train tracks, transformed into his robot mode, lift the tar tank and poor the tank all over Figure. Then transformed into his motoryclce mode and took off for places unknown.]]

Erma: Forgive me for this, but it's seems like we in a tarrific trouble!

=Act #1: END=