Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

Mad Writter

Sci-Fi Plot Thinking

Sorry, I been messing with my "Kindle Fire", Amazon.com's new media tablet), a little two much.....

.....But it's time to decide who's appearing and who's not appearing in this eposide.First I need a number that's not 8. I can't go over 5 with out getting a major Voltron-size heachache, so I'm going to have to roll a d4. That's the number of heroes in this eposide. Excuse me while I roll............................

........I'm back and the dice give me......one...so I roll again and I got three.....so that's means three heroes and three villains......I going to list my heroes below and then roll who find out. Just for fairness and to fix the cartoon theme their villains written at the same time as the heroes become the villain of the plot of the eposide.

  1. *1. Alteri
  2. *2. Figure
  3. *3. Stonika
  4. *4. Roll Rock
  5. *5. Erma
  6. *6. Donna Diguise
  7. *7. Donna Dragon
  8. *8. Betty Butter

Ok. Let's roll that d8. The numbers are 2,3 & 5. So that means Figure, Stonika and Erma are the main characters of the his eposide of "Cartoon Heroes". That means the villains for the eposide in questions are......Jigsaw, Vya Mire, and Capt. Teethbeard. Now it's time to find out who's the villian is....

  1. *1. Jigsaw
  2. *2. Vya Mire
  3. *3. Capt. Teethbeard
  4. *4. Shared Workload (All villains get +2 to their initiative rolls)

I roll a d4 and it's Vy Mire who behind the plot because the number was a two., Now it's time to decide what the heroes's goal is for the eposide is.....

  1. *1. Capture: The heroes must apprehend one or more characters.
  2. *2. Defend: The heroes must protect one or more locations, objects, or characters.
  3. *3. Deliver: The heroes must bring one or more items, characters, or pieces of information to a designated place/person.
  4. *4. Destroy: The heroes must blow up or otherwise get rid of one or more objects or locations.
  5. *5. Escape: The heroes must escape or avoid capture by one or more enemies.
  6. *6. Fix: The heroes must repair a device or gadget.
  7. *7. Infiltrate: The heroes must sneak into a location.
  8. *8. Recruit: The heroes must convince one or more characters to join their side.
  9. *9. Rescue: The heroes must find and release a trapped or imprisoned character.
  10. *10. Retrieve: The heroes must locate one or more objects and bring it/them to a specified destination.
  11. *11. Scout: The heroes must check out or investigate something (a rumor, an area, a person, etc.).

Ok. Time to roll a d11 to find out what is the goal of thw heroes to stop Vya Mire's plot? 6. That's Fix. Got a idea.

Plot: Vya Mire had slipped in, beamed in a new bad guy and took a "Hero/Villian Searcher" portion of C.C.M's Cartoon Transport Machine with to kept the Cartoon Heroes from of course getting a hero from the same universe. C.C.M had a old parter, E.W., who has a non-working protype. The heroes are successfull getting the item and bring the villian''s hero in question.

Now which the plot figure out I need to figure what genre the next hero and villain come from.