Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

Mad Writter

Science Fiction Deconfusing

I need to get back in the game after Thanksgiving and beside I want to make sure that I had at least one Live Blog at the top of the page when Sly 4 comes out.

In this case, it's my CAH:S2 live blogging, and it's time to decide where the subject matter for this "science fiction plot". The following is a list of possible science routes I can go though not counting "After the End" and "Miltary" (as they had been done) and "Space Opera" and "Superhero" as they are coming up next.

  • Alien Heroes Heroes are alien to Earth or the planet in question. (I.E. Jason Blackstar)
  • Dimisonal Heroes A version of the above but the aliens in question is another dimison..E. The kids of cartoon version of Duengons and Dragons are a good exmaple of this one.)
  • Espionage Epionage is just short for spy stuff. (I.E. James Bond)
  • Real Robots Japanese anime robot take No #1 Tactician warfare with robots with human pilots. (I.E. Gundamn)
  • Super Computer A super-computer is the hands of the heros (I.E. Jem has Synergy.)
  • Super Robots — Japanese anime robot take No #2 Powerful robots are under the command human. Might be able to merge into a human form. (I.E.Voltron)
  • Transforming Robots Robots that can transform into vechiles or jets (I.E.The Transformers)
  • Time Travel Time Travel is possible.

Let's find out.....

Question #1: Is it alien heroes? My View: 50/50 Mythic View: 77. No.

Question #2: Is it dimisonal heroes? My View: 50/50 Mythic View: 27. Yes.

Question #3: Is the Earth the major setting? My View: 50/50 Mythic View: 75. No.

Question #4: Is the dimisonal where all the video games exist? My View: 50/50 Mythic View: 77. No.

Question #5: Is the dimisonal where all cartoons exists? My View: 50/50 Mythic View: 37. Yes.

Question #6: Is this a 1980s cartoon? My View: 50/50 Mythic View:82. Nope.

Question #7: Is this a present day Retraux cartoon? My View: 50/50 Mythic View: 8. Expectional Yes.

Question #8: How many heroes six heroes? My View: 50/50 Mythic View: 33. Yes.

Question #8: Are all of them from different eras of the cartoon from it's birth to it's present day? My View: I'm going with this one.

EDIT: Summary of this series: A decide on the following plot: A smart teenage from Earth had built a dimensional transport machine. On the testing the dimensional transport machine — it exploded — sending the kid into a dimensional that has cartoon. The kid meet up with eight villains — who had been meeting eight villian meeting in an abandon warehouse. Their goal was to drain the knowledge of the dimensional from the kid and conquer the entire multi-verse. The kid was save by eight cartoon heroes and have star a battle to save all worlds across the multiverse.

The eight cartoons heroes and villains will have one from each decade honoring the most cannon cartoon of that decade. The decades are: 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. I figure out the heroes and villain when I start to state them up.

Logging off, Dr. Thinker a.k.a Mad Writter