Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

Mad Writter

Kargona -- Act #3

=Act 3, Scence #1=

[The three wolfs are in the lab but the Prof. Orilia is not in sight.]

Sundlin: You guys are going to be sorry when we get throw with you.

One of the Wolves: You may out number us but we can chew you up and spit up like a young sappling.

Natara: You are barking up the wrong tree theire.

Roll time. Goon Squad with a bonus of being rugged rolls only one D12. Korguna Searchers: 10. Wolves: 3.

[Sundlin and Uzax kick on one of the wolves. Erigan and Voret pull a rug under wolf number #2. While Natara lured the final wolf into the wall. Soon, all of the wolf.]

Natara: Where's your boss?

One of the Wolves: In closed store in the local mall.

Natara: First thing, let's wrap up these wolves then we face Gabaki.

[Prof. Oliralia comes in and see the wolves and is shocked.]

Prof. Oliralia: I didn't know they were real evil wolves.

Natara: No one harm done. No one's perfect.

=Act #3, Scence #2=

[Gabaki's closed mall store.]

Gabaki: This is been the second worst insult of my life.

Natara: What was your first?

Gabaki: When I was blamed for the ice age!

Erigin: They is no such thing as magic on Venus.

Gabaki: My clan thought I have inventened a powerful high-tech machine that one turned off would stop the ice age. (sticks out her togune) I can't invenet that good of a machine.

Voret: So you decide to come back in time to kill everyone in the present even yourself.

Gabaki: Of course it's better then have everyone suffer though the ice age.

Voret: Let's rumble.

Let's find out order. Sundlin: 3 + 4 = 9. Uzax: 11 + 3 = 14. Natara: 12 + 3 = 15. Erigian: 2 + 3 = 5. Voret: 12 + 3 = 15. Gabaki: 9 + 3 = 12. I order: Natara, Voret, Uzax, Gabaki, Sundlin, and Ergian. First off, Natara will decide on whipping on Gabaki while Gabaki is dodging her. Natara: 6 + 3 + 2 + 1 ..... (flub).

[Natara tried to yank out her whip got it cought caught in her pink dress.]

Natara: (groans)

Gabaki: (laughs)

Time for Voret's action. He's going to trick Voret. Voret: 9 + 4 = 13 + 2 = 15. Gabaki is try to using smart: 4 + 4 = 8. 15 > 8 = Gabaki's gets trick and earn a setback back token.

[Gabaki goes for his crossbow but points to Natara, still having problem with her whip. Gabaki smirks and walks to his section but just before reaching his location, Gabaki turned around and aimed for the celling next to him making Gabaki dogged and getting caught in a corner.]

Uzax is up next: Running: 4 + 2 + 2 = 8. Gabaki = Agility: 4 + 9 - 2 = 11.

[Uzax tried to rush Gabaki but Gabaki jumps handing on the light fixture in corner.]

Erigan is going to throw is Laser Axe at the the light fixture that Gabaki's is handing on making her go splat. Erigina: 3 + 3 + 2 = 8. Gabaki: Agility = 4 + 1 (Flub), 8 1 = 7 < 10 = Gabaki is given another setback token.

[Erigan throws his axe at light fixture but it missess Gabaki.]

Gabaki: Miss me.

Erigian: You weren't my target it was the light fixture.

[The light fixture falls dropping Gabaki on the floor.]

Gabaki: Grrrrr......

If forget Sundlin was supposed to move next. Sundlin is going to try to lift Gabaki. First is strong roll for Sundlin: 5 + 6 = 10 + 2 = 12 Gabaki: 6 + 4 = 10 5 (She is still in bad place)= 5 . 12 5 = 6. 6 < 10 = Third Setback Token.

[Sundlin lifts Gabaki with ease.]

Natara is going to use her whip again, but Gakabi is trying to agility both to dodge Natara and escape Sundlin's arms. Natara: 6 + 3 + 8 + 2 = 17. Gabaki: 10 + 4 = 14 12 2. 17 2 = 15 > 2 = Gabaki's is out of the fight.

[Natara's whip throws Gabaki out of the hands of Sundlin's into a near-by-oven. The oven door close, when it opens up it revealed a dead Gabaki.]

Sundlin: Now that what I call going from the volanco to the lava river.

Erigin: Is this town Korguna?

Natara: Yes. First thing, we bury Gabaki. Second, we take a photograph of the town's sign may be that get our bullies off our back and finally, we return the wolves back to the future. ]

=Act #3, Scence #3=

(The bullies' oil rig. The three bullies: Motaza, Tojin and Jaylin are

Jaylin: We have vistors: Five of them. White Flag.]

Motaza: Got to be the Korguna Searchers. Let them in. They must have defeated Gabaki in the past. Tojin: Come right up, your allow entrace for today only.

[The Korguna entered the following order: Voret, Erigan, Natara, Uzax, and Sundlin.]

Voret: Well, do you want bad news, good news or a gift first?

Motaza: I take the bad news first?

Natara: Why didn't you tell us Gabaki's promise from the start....

Motaza: Gabaki make us promise not to tell other Venusians her plan.

Uzax: Why I am not suprized by this twist?

Tojin:What's the good news?

Natara: We defeated her plot.

Jaylin: So what's the gift?

Natara: Handes a photograh to Jaylin

[Jaylin looks shock and passes the photograh to Motaza and Tojin who get shock.]

The Bullies (in unison): IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS CAN"T BE REAL!!!!!!! IT LOOKS TOO REAL TO BE A FAKE!!!!!!

[Pan to the photograh: It's picture of old Korguna's sign reading: Korguna Venus.]

=ACT #3, Scence #4=

[The Korguna Searchers are on their armor motorcycles traveling thought the ice age Venus.]

Verot: I never thought that photograph would do that to it. So why the photograph, Natara."

Natara: At best, that gets the bullies off our back for a long time at worst, we going to have rivals for searching for Korguna in the present day.


Next up, the Science-Fiction series.