Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

Mad Writter

Kargona -- Act #1

As usual, all O.O.C stuff is in ilatics (dice rolls, OOMPHs movement, etc.). Plan stuff is the world of cartoon.

=Act #1 Scence #1=

[Motaza, Tojin, and Jayin are inside a cavern with a mystery portal.]

Motaza: I was thinking of Gabaki's plot. She scares me, but I don't want to become a chew toy for her wolves......

Tojin: I feel like you pain.

Jaylin: I got a plan. We use those Korguna Searchers on her case.

Motaza: Go find them."

=Act #1 Scence #2=

[The Korguna Searchers Sundlin, Uzax, Natara, Erigan, and Voret are driving their armored motorcycles over the ice.]

Erigan: I see a white flag not to far from here.

Uzax: No far! Can't see anything from this point because of my height. You just too tall!

Uzax gets a OOMPH for his hang-up in negative used.

Natara: Oh. It's the one of the bullies.

Voret: What do you want?

Jaylin: No time to explain. You need to stop Gabaki because it's bad news.

Sundlin: She's looked spooked. What's her plan?

Jaylin: It's bad but I have no time to explain it.

Voret: If this a lie and you trap us in a crystral or something I going to make you eat your flag.

Jaylin: No lie even my pals are sweating bullets about kepting her plan sercet.

=Act 1 Scence #3=

(The same cavern as Act #1 Scence #2, with the portal, but the villains are joined by the Korguana Searchers)

Motaza: Weclome, rivals. I not in a mood for battle. Somehow, Gabaki told us her plan for conquering Venus and it's make the ice age we in look like a snowball fight.

Natara: That ice storm a snowball fight? What on Venus is her plan?

Jaylin: We can't say but it's a plot that I want no part in.........

Voret: What is this mystery portal?

Motaza: I have no clue on that it's a puzzle to me and my teammates. I guess the base way is jump right in.

[Sundlin, Uzax, Narara, Erigan, and Voret jumped into the portal.]

Motaza: Nice work. We kept our promise but aslo make the Korguna Searchers jump into a time vortex!

Jaylin: Well, we better head back to the tank we need to get back the old oil drill which cna used to refill the tank.

Motaza: Sounds like a plan.

[Motaza, Jaylin, & Tojin laugh evilly.]

=ACT #1: END=