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Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2
Mad Writter

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The End of The World Series -- Episode Plot Work Out
Since I don't have a idea. I'm going use "Mythic Game Master Emulator" to get a plot for the epoisde.

Q1): What is the plot of this eposide? My View: Complex Question Rolls: 95 & 24 Pharse: "Punish of Tension". Meaning: Tension means "stress". Most "stress" come from the bad guys in the old 1980s cartoons.

Q2) Is it the common villains? My View: 50/50 Mythic View: 53. No.

Q3: Is a new villian? My View: Somewhat Likely. Mythic View: 10. Expectional Yes.

Q4) Is the new villian a Venusian? My View: Somewhat Likley Mythic View:26.

Q5) Is she female? My View: 50/50 Mythic View: 7. Expectional Yes.

Q6) Does she had any help? My View: 50/50 Mythic View: 23. Yes.

Q7: They are they Venusians? My View: Unlikely Mythic View: 80. No.

Q8: Are they animals? My View: 50/50 Mythic View: 9. Expectional Yes.

Q9: Birds? My View: 50/50 Mythic View: 98. No.

Q10: Wolfs? My View: 50/50 Mythic View: 48. Yes.

Q11: Is it a even number of wolfs? My View: 50/50 Mythic View: 56. No.

Q12) Does she only have on wolf? My View: Very Likely. Mythic View: 92. No.

Q13) Does she had three wolfs? My View: Very Likely. Mythic View: 4. Expectial Yes.

Q14: What is our female plot? My View: Complex Question Rolls: 11 & 68 Phrase: "Persecute Of Rumor" Meaning: Oh boy! She was a very bad girl (Gabaki) and her clan consider her the source of the ice age that is been happen on Venus. They is no magic on Venus, but her clan thought it might been done by some high tech machine hidden somewhere. Her clan of 10 debated on this and then come up with a deal with her she leaves the city in a outfit choice by her clan and she never return come back. She was given a purple robe and was sent out. She was found by three wolfs and they lead the girl to a time machine. The girl had decide on killing every single Venusian in the past so that Venus would be dead ages before the ice age. Our heroes go back in to defeat her.

For Gabaki: I'm going with 4 in all traits, 10 in Threshold.

For Gabaki's wolves: I'm treating them at a goon squad with 0 with a Rugged Bonus.

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