Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

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Miltary -- Full Epoisde

Sorry, but I was working on a special for a fan-zine for "Cartoon Action Hour" and I did a Strikeforce episode featuring my character, Confuse. So you going to get all — with out the italics for commercial breaks, DN checks, and battles. I hope you don't mind this belated "July 4th" gift to all you are.


"Strikeforce Freedom” in “A Confusing Mess”

Hardcore was angry at the citizen hopsital. He wished that Master Mindstorm was in army hopstial. They were too many non-combat in this small town in the boondocks of the United States of America.

Mastermind said in female voice, “Long time, no see, Cold Fish.”

Hardcore asked, “Confuse?”

Mastermind asked, “Who were you expecting, Dark Vader?”

Mastermind took off his neon purple helmet and set aside. Confuse's real face show though. She was her red-hair and brown eye were joined by a smirking grin. That means she caused a lot of trouble for SPIDER, the terrorist orgazation that Strikeforce Freedom was to combat.

“That means Jumping Jack make a error earlier this week.”

Confuse remarked, “That stupid stuntman more reckless risks then all the cartoon characters on the tube. It all started when The Widow was asked by General Archnid to order to steal a certain file from them. Meanwhile to test Strikeforce Freedom's sercuity measure, I dressed up as The Widow. At the file room, me and Widow in diguise meet up but before we can figure out who was who – Jumping Jack show up in the flash and did a flying jack back to me allowing me to


“Confuse's Widow was lying down from being hit into a widow. “What a stupid move, Jack.”

Widow's Confuse stated, “Thanks for the attack, know I can do what I come to do.”

The Widow knocked out Jumping Jack, droped her Costume disguise, took out what look to a high-tech weapon and aimed at the file drawer and then jumped though the widow.


Hardcore stated, “I know this. This happen right smack on the Compound grounds. I did chew up Jumping Jack for annoying me as usual. So what did you do?”

Confuse grinned evil as she said, “Plan: Z”

Hardcore stated, “You mean that you went deep undercover the criminal underworld.”

Confuse nodded as she said, “I thought if I can much criminal actions as Mastermind – I could find out what SPIDER wanted with Strikeforce Freedom's files.

Hardcore stated, “I'm betting it won't be pretty..”

Confuse stated, “It wasn't pretty – if you talking good, but it was pretty if you taking evil – but I'm getting a ahead of myself. I talked to Mayday.”


Mayday said, “Plan Z? That's just play nuts – about the level of Jumping Jack, Confuse.”

Confuse stated, “It's the only way to get the files Widow stole from us back. Must make sure no one here finds out I'm doing Plan Z until I get the files back.”

Mayday stated, “How do you know the files are missing.”

Confuse took out a two folders – one was Mayday and the other is Confuse. Mayday open up and discovered tha paper inside was blank.

Mayday stated, “I see. So why me?”

Confuse stated, “I have to tell one person that I'm doing Plan Z before pulling a disappearing act.”

Mayday asked, “Why me?”

Confuse said, “You save me from the Widow when my fear expose my indentity.”

Mayday said, “I save you from a collection of six-legged bugs.”

Confuse said after a groan, “Those were real spiders. I have arachnophobia.”

Mayday remarked, “If your Plan Z works, I would love to see your file on you when they are back to normal.”

Confuse stated, “That's a tall order, but Hardcore took a lesson from Yoda: They is no try – only do.”


Confuse sighed – Plan Z hooked on person – and on person only: Herself. And they was a problem: The Widow doesn't trust any of her fictional identities. She realized something – all of her fictional were female – she need something a lot stronger – something like General Arachnid – the king of SPIDER – who identity is unknown to even SPIDER.

She decide to become Mastermind – a masked villain that might worth something to SPIDER. She decide a purple outfit come with a mastermind.

She said to herself out loud, “This is my first try to do something difference it my disguise suit – the first male disguise – Mastermind male's face.

After a new noises, the Confuse looked in the mirror. Her body showed a black hair man with red eye dressed in orange prision suit.

Confuse said to herself outloud, “That's work. But I need extra protection from Trantula, General Archnid's bodyguard – if cause a major failure. Hmmm. That's give me a idea.


Oak Tree Studios was where Amelia Matter, send some years before joinning the army. Amelia was dressed as a extra for a present day film – allowing her access to every thing. Thought she had do some running and walking in some of the movie being shot here – she was able to make her away to the outfit warehouse on Oak Tree Studio – she was looking for a suit from a SCI-FI movie that was filmed before she first arrived in Hollywood, “The Kayaz Advenute”, a B- science-fiction movie. she found the purple suit with the face mask of Dr. Zayak, the fictional mad man of the planet Kayaz.

She had do some modifying to the suit to add weapons but at least she had her protection from arm.


Back to her hideout, she worked on making a adding weapons. It didn't Confuse too long to add weapon – a plasma cannon to the right arm and a sword hidden in the suit.

Confused put the suit on and decide her first thing to do with steal something from a museum – she smirked as to what she need to do – stealing something that would make United States of Ameircan blush badly.


Hardcore asked, “Was that 'The Spirit of St. Louis' from the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C?”

Confuse answered, “I thought that would have bait SPIDER out of the woodwork.”

Hardcore stated, “I guess didn't work as you thought it did. So where did you put.”

SPIDER stated, “I placed it a hideout – cold name – Madness.”

Hardcore nodded that Madness was a code name for old but liveable mansion that was on army ground –about 65 miles from Compound but big enough that one will would find Spirit of St. Louis for a while.

Confuse stated, “After that I stole more stuff – from like the Mona Lisa which was having special showing in New York and then the Hope Diamond that was having a special showing in Miami. Those successful.”

Hardcore said, “Those where so close together, I'm stunned how you were able to do so. The Mona Lisa at 1200 and then the Hope Diamond at 1230.

Confuse laughed, “I did Mona Lisa crime at 800 and threaten everyone present with death if they report the robbery before noon – the Hope Diamond was done at the the time mention: 1230.”

Hardcore asked, “Did SPIDER take the bait this time?”

Confuse nodded, “You won't believe who I meet a few hours after those robbery.”


Confuse's Mastermind saw familiar face – The Widow. The villain blonde was dressed in a yellow dress and yellow shoes. Confuse decide to make a fake pick-up to Widow think she was male.

Confuse's Mastermind stated, “I like to steal you away for a lifetime.”

The Widow remarked, “That was a good pick-up line....”

Confuse's Mastermind said, “Call me anything other then Mastermind and rip our your heart and stuff it down your throat.”

The Widow stated, “You know what – you and General Arachnid could get along.”


With in a few hours, Confuse's Mastermind was in a familiar place – SPIDER Web – she been here both in many other fake identities as well as own self right face to face with General Arachnid in his own throne room.

Confuse's Mastermind said “Greetings, General. My name is Mastermind.”

General Arachnid remarked, “Welcome to my home base, Mastermind.”

Confuse's Mastermind asked, “I heard about the stolen Strikeforce Freedom files.”

General Arachnid stated, “One of my most cover plans ever – the high-tech weapon was not a weapon but a Data Wrecker. The Strikeforce Freedom was a test for it. My goal is the entire rules of the world —- unless they make me the world of the world! And Strikeforce Freedom bugs me and make me fail again , I have a bit of revenge on their family – giving me a smaller win but a win they can't argue with.

Confuse's Mastermind asked, “Where's the data?”

Gen Arachnid stated, “It's in the prototype – I need room for the actual weapon so I can steal the World Leader's Information.”

Confuse's Mastermind, “I like to help you on a mission.”

Gen. Arachnid stated, “You will kept the prototype in armored people carrying while the Widow will work her magic in in stealing the data with new weapon.”


Confuse's Mastermind the armored car-carrying. Since the gun was big and spook much of the SPIDER Troopers, she was alone as the SPIDER traveled to their target. Dr. Thoraxx told her Mastermind that he will have the armored carrying called BUG – Big Uniformed Guardian – on remote control. From the outside – it looked a blue spider with red black widow mark. Though the large move will alert Strikeforce Freedom – but General Arachnid didn't mind that mine it.


Sometime later, the SPIDER force reached their attack location – and she heard General Arachnid yelled, “SPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!”

Soon after, she heard, “FOR FREEDOM”, making her know that. She decide first thing was to get control of the BUG for her own self.

Confuse smirked to herself as she thought ';Step #1: Done. Now for Step #2: Do confusion! Step #3: Profit for the U.S.A.”

She spot Widow's Venom Tanking pasting her. She know that it has a physical program – it's those tanks rear had crumble with one hit of her own whip. They were no physical weapons on her on the Bug – but it will be annoying and if Widow ask – she will blame Dr. Thoraxx on thing. She score a hit but didn't scar it – but “Mastermind, what are you doing?”

Mastermind replied, “It's Thoraxx.”

Widow aimed for the Wasp containing Thoraxx and scar a hit but didn't bring Thoraxx done. Just then, a familiar face appeared on the screen – Mayday.

Mayday said, “Nice work, Confuse. We can pick up the stuff.

Confuse remarked, “Thanks. If you can take control of this BUG – we can restore the files.”

Mayday said, “That's easy as pie.”


Hardcore stated, “That was pretty much. We were able to restore. Ironically, your file was copy into Widow's journal. Your family is in danger – so we sent a group including Mayday to stop Widow's revenge plan.”

Confuse laughed hard. Hardcore looked confused but Confuse can answered – the follow Strikeforce Freedom members enter: Mayday, Bullethole, Tight-Squeeze and Kayo.

Mayday stated, “Why didn't you tell your family were all old actress and actors – they performed as ghosts spooking Widow and her helpers out of the area.”

Confuse remarked, “You never ask, Mayday.”

Mayday laughed joined by the others expect Hardcore.


With this — military is off the list......