Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

Mad Writter

Strikeforce Freedom -- Meet Confuse

Sometime, when a show had more then one character — such as G.I. Joe, they may focus on one character in person. I.E. Lady Jane in a episode of the previous mention cartoon from The '80s. Joe equal in the rulebook for this game, I'm going with a character I make for RPG Net's "The "Create a Character" Challenge. First thing, even I don't need it for this character — as it's finished — here's I'm going to put the PC guidelines for Character Creation — just for a reminder — or in case I need to create someone to save my character's hide from SPIDER.

'PC Creation Guidelines
  • Proof of Purchase Points: PCs] are created using 30 [=PoPPs.
  • Maximum Trait Ratings (Regular Traits): 4
  • Maximum Trait Ratings (Action Features): 8
  • 'Miscellaneous:
    • The characters must be members of Strikeforce Freedom, therefore a military background is required.
    • Most Action Features should be derived from technology. Very few “weird powers” exist in the series.
    • Members of Strikeforce Freedom have a code name that they primarily go by in the series.

Now meet the focus of this fictional episode of the day.

  • Name: Confuse
  • Player: Mad Writter
  • Series: "Strikeforce Freedom"
  • Group Affiliation": "Strikeforce Freedom"
  • Appearance: When not on a disguising job deep undercover with SPIDER, she is a strawberry red-hair woman with brown eyes usually dressed in a light pink blouse, brown skirt, green combat boots, and a green army vest.
  • Factoids:
    • "Former actress"
    • "Her fictional character aren't trusted by The Widow",
    • "Gets along with Mayday"
  • Subplots':
    • Fear (Arachnophobia — Fear of real spiders)
    • Emotional Ties (To Mayday)
    • Archenemy (The Widow)
  • Traits:
    • Spy Mistress 4 [Specialty] (-7)
    • Disguise Suit 6 [Enhancer +3, Advantage: Allows her to add the Enhancer to her 'Spy Mistress' Trait, Accessory] (-7)
    • Agile 2 (-2)
    • Tricky 3 (-3)
    • Whip 4 [Enhancer +2, Accessory] (-4)
    • Smarts 5 (-5)
  • Stats:
    • Oomph: 2,
    • Threshold: 10,
    • Battling Rating: 6
  • Quick Bio: Sometime, there is a huge fight between the SPIDER higher branch members with the expect of General Arachnid or The Widow—this is usually was a sign that Confuse [File Name: Amelia Matter] had caused some mischief within the terrorist group. Amelia was a once a actress getting bored with Hollywood and joined the military where her skin in disguising herself was noted by Jumping Jack—and was taken into Strikeforce where she used her disguises against SPIDER. Thought she has one fear: arachnophobia — the fear of real spiders). She was rescued by Mayday, when this fear exposed her to The Widow.