Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

Mad Writter

Horror Series + After The Show Message

I'm going to Cute Learning (where you get some information on the background of some things of the eposide happens. This time Vinyl is the one doing the look.

=After-The-Show Message=

[Vinyl is at the desk with a tone of books.]

Vinyl: Today, me and the Creature Buster took on Cultuthu. In our world, she was a real problem — but in your world, she was a he and a fictional character created by H.P. Lovecraft in the 1926 for this horror story, "The Call of Cultuthu". It was a priest of the Old Ones know for being hideous appearance, its gargantuan size, and the abject terror that it evoke. Now that's creature I wan't to meet in a dark alley on Pluto. See you next time!

=Roll Credits=