Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

Mad Writter

Horror Series -- Act #3

=Act 3 – Scene 1=

[Alex is between shocked and angry at Cultuhu as he's driving back to Creature Buster HQ.. Vinyl and Eric are in the back seat]

Alex: Why me?

Vinyl: Easy. You get hook on bad woman.

Alex: Touche there, Vinyl.

Alex gets his OOMPH up to 5 for facing his subplot – falling over heads over bad girl.

=Act 3 – Scene 2=

[Eric, Vinyl and Alex are standing outside the Creature Buster HQ, with “What in the world is that? Pan around to see the Creature Buster HQ has been merge with some kind of medieval castle.]

Alex: We need to get in.

Eric: Allow me.

  • DN Check: 2 + 3 = 5
  • Eric's Fighting Trait: 3 + 4 = 7

[Eric does some fake martial arts with grunt nosing and does a flying kick which knocks down the door. The door crashed down with.]

Vinyl: Cultuhu will be on her guard from this point on.

=Act 3 – Scene 3=

[In a ancient Grecian throne room, Cultuhu is her mermaid form talking on a large cell-phone to one of her friends.

Cultuhu: The Creature Buster don't stand a change against me, Nythorep.

Vinyl: Want to bet?

Cultuhu: (speaks in a common of a dinosaur/spider/owl noises)

[If you can imagine a human size dinosaur with black spider fur and six legs – you are going pretty well in imagining Cultuhu's adult spawn.]

Goon Squad time. This time around it's 2 for both side. Best roll wins.

  • Adult Spider Spawn: 6
  • Creature Buster: 8

[The Creature Busters either picked up the spider creatures to throw them (Eric and Alex) or kick them harder then normal (Vinyl).

Cultuhu: That does it. Time to wish you guys were that stupid writer, H.P. Lovecraft.

Vinyl: We see about that.

As usual, I'm assuming 10 for Cultuhu's trait. She's attacking first. I'm decide a tail grab – she is a mermaid after all and I roll for D4 to pick her fa random PC for her to attack. It end up being 2 which means Vinyl is up first.

  • Cultuhu: 10 + 2 = 12
  • Vinyl: 6 + 4 (At a cost of one Oomph) = 10. Looks like a setback token for Vinyl.

[Vinyl fires her Neutralizer at Cultuhu, it misses as Cultuhu ducks as her tail grabs Vinyl.

Vinyl will try to break free. I decide to make a escape roll for her. If she's fail that she's in a real pickle for a while.

  • Vinyl: 8
  • Cultuhu: 10 + 5 = 15.
  • 15 – 8 = 7. Vinyl gets another Setback Token for this.

[Vinyl tries to fight Cultuhu but the monster mermaid traits her trail grab on Vinyl. Count Dracula appears in a brighting light.]

Eric: Hinder us again for the Monster King?

Count Dracula: No way, I'm helping. Even evil has it's standards and she [Pointing to Cultuhu.] doesn't fit anything in those standards.. You know where my and your guys stomach – that's where her main heart is. It's weak stop.

I'm assuming Cultuhu's Main Heart only needs two setback Token to be defeated. Now it's time to see what Alex is going to do with Cultuhu, I'm also I'm assuming that Cultuhu's Heart Section are at 1.

  • Alex: 4 (At the Cost of One Oomph point) + 6 = 10
  • CHS: 1 + 9 = 10
  • 10 – 10 = 0. Heart is safe for a while.

[Alex fires his Neutralizer at Cultuhu's Heart Section, but the middle of her tail section blocks it – but it scare the tail enough to make Cultuhu shock enough to drop Vinyl on the ground.]

Eric is going to play this luck – Eric grabs Count Dracula's sword from Count Dracula and decide to throw it. I'm giving the sword a trait of 4 with +2 Enhancer to to it.

  • Eric: 8 + 4 + 2 = 14
  • CHS: 1 (Ouch. Flub a.k.a Critical Failure.)
  • 14 – 1 = 13 > 12. Cultuhu gets sent back.

[Camera to follow the sword. It's fly straight around Cultuhu for a bit before heading right for her heart section. Cultuhu starts to moan in like a humanoid snake. The gang fire their Neutralizer at Cultuhu at the same time – sending the moaning Cultuhu back to her dimensional. Monster King appears.]

Monster Kings: We fight later, Creature Busters. I just here for a stupid servant.

Count Dracula: We see who's stupid.

[Monster King and Count Dracula disappear in a strange light. By the time, the Creature Buster can see. The Creature Busters HQ had return it's regular 1980's appearance.]

Vinyl: Looks like Count Dracula is going to get a earful of some batty new from Monster King.

[Eric and Alex groan at Vinyl's line.]