Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

Mad Writter

Horror Series -- Act #2

=Act 2 Scene 1=

[Eric and Vinyl are busy being a doing taxes in the lobby of Creature Buster HQ]

Vinyl: We need a good amount of cash!

Eric: The city pay any time that one of Monster King's flunkies attack.

Vinyl: And he hasn't attack yet.

Eric: Could we get away with calling those neon-green spiders attack?

Vinyl: I tried on the Mayor and his council they aren't biting the fish hook for lack of better words.

[Alex enters the lobby with Cultuhu still in her woman form.]

Eric: Hello, Alex.

Vinyl: Who's the woman?

Cultuhu: (sounding ditzy) Carol Uthu

It's time for the other to reason that name is a famous and that Duluth is going to try to make them believe that she's just a ditsy Earthling.

  • Vinyl = 3 + 9 = 12
  • Eric = 3
  • Cultuhu = 10 + 12 (BOON!) = 20 + 12 = 20

Cultuhu: (sounding ditzy) I was born in 1950 in Dorgon, New Jersey. My parents name were Catherine and Thomas Uthu. My age is 30. So I'm kind of normal for a human, despite my ditzy-sounding voice.

[A phone rings, Vinyl picks up the phone.]

Vinyl: Hey, what's up? More creatures? Sure, the location please? Holy monsters, Batman! We be right there!

[Vinyl slams the phone done.]

Vinyl: We got a job.

Alex: Can you wait?

Cultuhu: I have all the time in the world to wait.

=Act 2 Scene 2-

[Monster King are in Monster King's castle. Count Dracula is walking holding a book in his hands.]

Count Dracula: Cultuhu can't be trust.....she has betrayed a lot of people in her life since she was first summon in ancient Greece by a cult.

Monster King: The people who sent Cultuhu back write the books.

Count Dracula: I a little worry about the Creature Buster failing and you getting us imprisoned.

Monster King: You worry too much.

=Act 2 Scene 3=

[A gas station is where Alex, Eric and Vinyl are. The spiders had evolved into something that looks half-teenaged human/half-spider.]

Alex: Looks like the Spiders went to the next level.

Eric: That won't change much.

Vinyl: It's squashing time for them!

I can't give Vinyl any more OOMPH, since you can only give 1 Oomph per subplot. So, I'm moving on to the Goon Squad battle. It's going to rolling one of 1 dice for everyone to show that's the goons squad is evolving..

  • Spiders = 1
  • Alex = 9
  • Vinyl = 7
  • Eric = 9

[The Spider Humans march fore-walls. Vinyl kicks them towards Alex and Eric who squash them with their hands. Soon the gas station lot was fill with spider guts.]

Vinyl: Yuck. I got a funny feeling those monsters look like something out H.P. Lovecraft.

Eric: Did the girl you meet say her name was Carol Uthu. It's sounds like somewhat familiar to me.

Alex: I want to do some research to show you that you are wrong.....

=Act 2 Scene 4=

[Alex, Eric, and Vinyl are all in the main library of the Creature Buster city. Eric and Vinyl are carrying big volumes of books]

Eric: Starting researching for something that match Carol Uthu.

[Eric and Vinyl drops the book on the title.]

  • DN of the Research Check = 1 +2 = 3
  • Alex = 9 + 2 = 11 = It's a success.'

[Alex picks up the books, and picks a random page.]

Alex: YIKES! I can't be....but it's match.

[Alex shows the page. On the top of the page they is the word: Cultuhu. The page below has Cultuhu in her mermaid form changing into a human female.]

Eric: I thought she was suppose to a male octopus version of Godzilla.

Alex: She may not cause sanity-draining as H.P. Lovecraft thought but her goal is a threat Earth.

Vinyl: What's her goal?

Alex: Her goal is.......

=Act 2 Scene 5=

[Count Dracula is by himself, reading a book similar to what Alex found.]

Count Dracula: ..is to conquer the entire universe!

=End of Act 2=