Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

Mad Writter

Horror Series - Commercial Break #1

Since no one had use OOMPH, I'm going to do three rolls using my name + the name of the one of the characters.

So it's Mad Writter + Alex against Mad Writter + Game Master for the Commercial Break roll off.

  • Mad Writter + Alex: 9
  • Mad Writter + Game Master: 11. Game Master wins!
  • Game Master's Prize: 10 = Continuity error! = The GM may change one fact about the current scene upon coming back from commercial break. Generally, this alteration should not favor the PCs. I was going to assume that someone else was visiting Creature Busters HQ and his mind got control by Culthutu — but I recently decide that's a bit insane — so I'm going act as if I roll "1,2,3 or 4" which is no effect.