Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

Mad Writter

Horror Series -- Act #1

Here is a reminder on how I do a show normal typing is all is In-Universe jokes, threats, the look of the location. Things in Italics like this one is the one in which all Out-Universe, were numbers such as trait numbers,dice rolls, and who gets the setbacks in the battles.

By the way, let's figure out the Game Master's Oomph Pool. We have 3 players and the GM always get a total of 6 + the number of players for the GM which is 3 in this case for a total of 9.

=Act I Scene I=

[Monster King is fishing in a dark black ocean fill with purple comets and orange rocks. The sky of this realm is dark green with no sun, moon, or planets just a long of white stars. A purple portal opens up and enters Count Dracula.]

Count Dracula: Vhat are you doing Monster King?

Monster King: Finishing for a old friend......

Count Dracula: Vhat do you mean about that?

Monster King: You just have to wait and see...........

Count Dracula: I hate vaiting.....

[Monster King fishing line is yanked, a female appears before them. The female looks purple-hair mermaid with red eyes dressed in a long black dress and a long brown tail]

Count Dracula: A voman? Have the Creature Buster hit you so hard that your brain cells melted?

The Mermaid: [speaking like a old lady.] Cut it out, kid.

Monster King: (evil laughing) Meet, Cultuhu, the Queen of the Elder Ones.

Count Dracula: Vhere is that famous Elder God?

[Monster King points to the mermaid.)

Cultuhu: [speaking like a young kid] Hello....

Count Dracula: Her?

Monster King: Her.

Cultuhu: Me!

Count Dracula: I vonder vhat the Creature Busters are going to think of this one..

Monster King: They are going to wishing for me to take over the Earth when Culthathu put them thought wringer.

[Monster King and Count Dracula unleashes their evil laugh. After those two stop, Cultuhu laughs as thunderstorm and earthquake happen in unison in her realm.]

Since she's Cultuhu. I assuming all of her traits are at 10. Threshold is 12. Since Battling Rating is highest traits, her battle rating is 10

=Act I Scene 2=

[A dark warehouse, where Alex, Eric and Vinyl are coming into. They are carrying their Neutralizer in their hands, looking for a creature. Moonlight shines though a small window.]

Alex: So what's the problem?

Vinyl: [pointing] Those stupid bugs!

[A group of large neon-green spiders appears]

Vinyl: Get them away from me.

Vinyl gets a OOMPH. She's now at 5 because of this. Now these creatures are a goons squad: I'm rolling for the Spiders, followed by Alex, Eric, then Vinyl.

Spider = 1 Alex = 10 Eric = 3 Vinyl = 3

[Alex starting throw spiders around and Eric squashing them. Trying to dodge the tossing spiders, Vinyl stomps on the other spider getting her bottom half covered in spider guts.]

Vinyl: They gakked me!!

Alex: That was easy......

Eric: Monster King has been too quiet recently.

Vinyl: Expecting a BIG Plot from our Creature Collector?

Eric: Sure. He hasn't any of his pals in ages.

[Alex, Eric, and Vinyl leave the woman, while the spider guts turn back into Cultuhu who smirks. She turns herself into a full human dressed in a Valley Girl outfit.]

=Act 1 Scene 2 -

[The next day at 1980s mall. Alex is seeing two male punk bullies about to pick on a female woman.]

Alex: Hey, you jerks. Pick on someone you own gender.....

[The two bullies turn to him and decide to attack him.

The bullies are another goon squad. Here are the rolls

The Bullies: 6 Alex: 5

[The Bullies grab a hole of Alex and start beating him. The woman is going to kick them around.]

The woman is really Cultuhu. She going to round-house kick he Bullies.

The Bullies = 2 Cultuhu = 10 + 7 = 17

[The Bullies are knock into a rack of books outside of the mall's bookstore.]

Alex: What's your name, Miss.

Cultuhu: (sounding ditzy) Carol Uthu.

Alex: You are my kind of woman.

Cultuhu: You are my kind of man.....

Alex: I got a few friends for you to meet.....

Cultuhu: Those friends are not going to forget me