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Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2
Mad Writter

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Yad Sloof Lirpa
I decide not to a horror as I can't stand horror movies, video games, and shows. The only exception is when horror creature is a fake — I.E. Scooby-Doo and it's clones.

I'm going to change my list a little bit — adding to series in the "Going Japanese" PDF. When have the following list. I have remove Fantasy from the list as I have all ready done it.

By the way, I got a puzzle: What's does the title mean? I tell you tomorrow! But if you check your calendar — you already know what it means! Insert Evil Laugh!

EDIT (April 2): Yesterday was April 1 — and the tile was Yad Sloof Lirpa — those could only mean one thing: April Fools Day!

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