Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

Mad Writter

Medieval Dreams -- After The Show Message

I'm going to roll a four-side decide to decide who's our teller of the message. Here's a small table to show what number stands for which character.

  • 1 = Victor
  • 2 = Kara
  • 3 = Carol
  • 4 = Sari

And now for the roll

[Insert drum roll here.]

4. So Sari is our teller

=After The Show-Message=

[Sari is standing in Queen Amizica's throne room.]

Sari: Today, we brought books from a library. Knowledge is power. Books can tell you about what happen. Read every book you get your hands one. See you later."

=Credit Time=

That's means I'm done with Fantasy. Next up — Horror!