Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

Mad Writter

Medieval Dreams -- Act I.

The following is how things are going to done with during the acts of the fictional cartoons First off, everything written in normal every day plain text like the one I'm doing now is the view of the cartoon world of "Medieval Dreams". Italics are Out of Character knowledge, like OOMPH, dice rolls and setback tokens.

First off the GM pool is 10. 6 plus 4 equals 10.

-ACT 1: SCENE 1-

[Queen Amizica has called the following members of "The Adventureer Team" to her throne room: Victor, a knight; Kara, his squire; Carol, a wizard; and Sari, a theif.]

Sari: So what's up, Queen Amizica?

Queen Amizica: Not one to beat around the bush are you. Well, I have a problem. Years ago, they was a country called Blydai. Blydai was rule justicely until it's last ruler, Queen Torta, who ruined it with a iron first. As you may know from the myths, the Goddess and Gods of Kora, didn't take well to this and sunk this city.

Kara: That's pretty familiar to all people and animals of Kora.

[Queen Amizica nods.]

Queen Amizica: Well, Lady Nerva is up to her own tricks again. Lady Nerva is calming I am the decent of Queen Torta. Lucky, recent scholars has discover he ruins of Blydai's library. You job is to find out a book that disproves Nerva's claim.

Victor: Looks like we got some work too do.


[A noble's major just a few blocks away from Queen Amizica's castle. Lady Nervais looking out the window. The red hair, Lady Nerva is dressed in a long blood red dress and sandal, turns back into her bedroom which seems to have every cover in blood red.]

Lady Nerva: (combing her red hair) Well, this is good news. That stupid good queen fall right into my trap.

[Lady Nerva opens up a red chest containing a old black heart rock. She remove the heart and place in her hands, then makes horrible sounds that makes nails on a chalkboard sound like angel singing. After she's done, the ghost of Queen Torta appear before her. Other then black hair and frown on her face, Queen Torta is usual familar white cartoon ghost.]

Queen Torta: (screeching crone-like) Soooo what's up the call? Telling me that you have another failure lined up?

Lady Nerva: My plains NEVER fail. Those "Annoying Team" is just post-poning my victory party.

Queen Torta: (screeching crone-like) So what's your plan this time around? Kidnapping a few princess and blamming it on the peaceful dragons?

Lady Nerva: I'm not like Lord Dark, he's too simple mind. It deals with a little truth with a bit of a white lie twist.

Queen Torta: (screeching crone-like) You are not getting my power to help you out with this plain.

Lady Nerva: My plan deals with you, Queen Torta and your old country of Blydai!

[Queen Torta's ghost eye opens up in shock, her mouth opens to show to show a fork tongue. Queen Torta turns into the fog and enter Lady Nerva's body. Changes to Lady Nerva are the following: her height goes from normal height of 4 foot about 8 foot, her skin turn from regular human flesh into something looking like a repilite skin, her blood red dress becomes a gray armor with red trim. With a flick of her changed hand, she make a group of skeletons.

Lady Nerva: My servents. Attack Victor and his friends.

[The skeletons nodded their heads and disappear in a cloud of red smoke]


[Victor, Kara, Carol and Sari enter a cleaning in a forrest not to far from either Queen Amizica's town or the ruin of Blydai]

Kara: So far, so good. No one has attack us yet.

[A cloud of red smoke appears before the team. The cloud of red smokes turn intoskeletons appear .]

Victor: Why did you have to jinx us, Kara?

Victor earns a OOMPH for having one of his subplots actived. He know has 3 OOMP Hs. This has become a scene-base combat since we turning with a goon squad. Since all of them are equal to base OOMPH, threshold and Battling Rating. I'm going to do each one in order of creation against their own good squad. First one up is Victor. Goon Sqaud #1: 2. Victor: Agile = 4 + 4 = 8.

[Victor jumps over his skeleton foes. He watch as they hit a near-by tree and turn into red dust]

Next up is Kara. Goon Squad #2: 4. Kara: Agility = 5 + 8 = 13.

[Kara ducks under her skeleton foes, making the first one trip into his fellow skeleton. All of her skeleton foes becomes red dust.]

Victor: Nice move, Kara.

Kara: I have a good teacher.

Now, it's Carol's turn. Goon Squad #3: 7. Carol: Magic Spell = 6 + 5 = 11.

[Carol moves his hands for a few seconds and tornado appears out of no, where sending his skeleton foes into the sky. As the skeleton foes falls, they become red dust.]

Final, we return to Sari, our theif. Goon Squad #4: 3. Sari: Whip = 6 + 3 + 7 = 16.

[The leader and his sidekick of the skeletons start to reach for Sari, but Sari ducks and unleashes her whip on the leader, sending him and his sidekick flying. The two skeletons turn into red dust.]

No one has a knowledge of foes of the Adventurer Team. I'm going to roll for knowledge of Lady Nerve and add 6 to it as she's rare villain: 11 + 6 = 17. I'm going to roll for each person in order: Victor = 8 + 6 = 14 ; Kara = 5 + 6 = 11; Carol = 1 (Flub); and Sari = 3 + 6 = 9.

Carol: Who sent their skeletons?

Victor: Good questions? Those skeletons were strange.

Sari: Let's get that book and get it back to the Queen.

Kara: Let's be careful though, we don't want to end up on the wrong side of someone.

Victor: Good idea.