Let's Play Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

Mad Writter

"Warriors of Cosmos"

We going to do Appendix 1, which is "Feature Series". This contains the following series: "Warriors of Cosmos" (He-Man homage.), "Strikeforce Freedom" (G.I. Joe homage), & "Transbots" ("Transformers" homage.". But first thing, we have to do with the "About the Feature Series" which reveals that these are series that set up so you can began playing CAH:S2 or use them to make you own series. The only similar beside being fictional 1980s cartoons is that they share the same set up in the book:

  • PC Creation Guidelines: Rules for PC to follow durning their creation of their characters.
  • Backstory: The fictional history of the 1980s fictional cartoon.
  • The Genre: The Genre that you can put the show in.
  • The Series: All about the series. This is slightly different for any series. By you time, you can handle it's technology level, major players.
  • Character and Vehicle: Writes up for the characters and vehicle. Of course, since this is edition subtitled, "Season Two". They have character that appear in the season 2 of their cartoon.
  • Episode Seeds: This are seeds to give you a plot of episode free of charge.

I say I going to one series at the time, and first up is the "Warrior of Cosmo", CAH:S2's "He-Man" homage. I let CCM do much of the work—and I just bold sections heads. I stop this when I get the characters and vehicles'—but I restart when it's time for the Episode Seeds.

"PC Creation Guidelines

Proof of Purchase Points: P Cs are created using 30 Po P Ps. Maximum Trait Ratings (Regular Traits): 10 Maximum Trait Ratings (Action Features): 14 Miscellaneous:
  • The characters must be Guardians of Iconia or at least allies of the Guardians.
  • There are no computers in the series. While it does feature robots, gadgets, vehicles, and other technological doodads, actual computers have not
been created.
  • Thematic characters are appropriate, but aren’t required. To theme a character, simply choose an animal, object, material, or whatever else you’d like, and base your character’s identity off of it.


In 1978, the success of Star Wars the year before prompted B-List sci-fi novelist Gerald Peevey to cash in on the craze. He drafted a simple screenplay called “Warriors of the Galaxy” and shopped it around Hollywood, hoping for a lucrative movie deal. Most filmmakers passed on the project due to the required budget, but it caught the eye of director/producer Rommel Carver. An alliance was formed and the duo set out to produce an elaborate motion picture. Unfortunately, Carver had a severe gambling problem that devoured all their funds, which ultimately led to Peevey departing. His departure prompted a lawsuit by Carver, who claimed that he had full rights to the film's script. When all the smoke cleared, it was determined that Carver owned only the name “Warriors of the Galaxy”.

The next year or so saw Peevey working hard on tightening the script and revamping some of the characters and concepts. In 1981, Peevey was approached by a man named Lewis Gretchman, who wanted to develop a line of 5.5-inch action figures based on the script. Gretchman was one of the producers who had initially turned down the script. He had since moved on to become a top executive for Grabbo Toys. Contracts were signed, the name was changed to “Warriors of the Cosmos”, and the toy line hit toy store shelves in December 1982. It was a massive success.

Within months, Kilamir Studios propositioned Grabbo Toys and Peevey about airing a Warriors of the Cosmos cartoon series. The resulting show debuted in September 1983. While the ratings were phenomenal, two parent groups (Parental Care Committee and Mothers Against the Corruption of Youth) protested, citing that the primary villain, Nekrottus was too horrifying for children and that he represented Satan. They wanted the show off the air.

By February of the following year, the FCC was ready to cave in and force Warriors of the Cosmos into a premature retirement. Grabbo Toys and Kilamir Studios stood their ground and a protracted court battle ensued. Eventually, the judge determined that the show was not a bad influence on children and could continue airing. The last laugh was on the parent groups, however, as this controversy only served to increase the show’s popularity.

In the matter of a few short months, the show became a sensation, which led to further licensing of the franchise. The market was flooded with more merchandise than anyone could possibly keep up with. This is ultimately what would bring about the downfall of Warriors of the Cosmos. The market became so over saturated that it simply collapsed.

By the time the 1988 Fall season line-up was announced, Warriors of the Cosmos was limping. The creativity of the show was at an all-time low, resulting in unusual new ideas and uninteresting characters. In the end, the ratings were terrible. For this reason, the series was not picked up the following season. The phenomenon was officially dead.

Since that time, Warriors of the Cosmos has amassed a sizable cult following thanks to nostalgia and the realization that the show also functioned on a more adult level. The Internet proved to be a great asset to fans of the series, with dozens of fan-sites and discussion forums popping up at an astounding rate. An online petition to bring back the show began circulating in 2002. Hollywood was clearly listening Global Pictures secured the rights to produce a blockbuster film based on the property, which took the world by storm when it was released in August 2007. While the film made some drastic changes, most fans felt that the changes were acceptable (though few were in favor of the addition of a romantic sub-plot between Noblara and Oshida). The movie was such a success that it is scheduled to spawn a sequel as well as the launch of a new animated series and toy line. For the first time in over twenty years, Warriors of the Cosmos is a huge hit!

The Genre

Warriors of the Cosmos can best be described as science-fantasy. High technology exists side by side with all the tropes of classic sword-and-sorcery fantasy. Lasers and swords. Airships and dragons. Cybernetics and castles. All these elements (and much more) are perfectly suitable for the series. It’s all about juxtaposition!

The Series

Iconia was once a utopia; a world full of prosperity and splendor… of unspoiled beauty and ever-present peace. But that was before the coming of Nekrottus, an evil sorcerer with a mind more evil and unfathomable than any before him. He founded the Blackskull Empire and brought with him a foul corruption that quickly begin to spread like wildfire. With the empire at his command, he proceeded to methodically conquer most of the world. Now, the only major kingdom that remains free is Haven, the crown jewel of civilization. It has become the last bastion of freedom in Iconia, but Nekrottus will not rest until it, too, has fallen under his control.

The king of Haven, a just and noble man named Rastor, has seen the devastation caused by Nekrottus and has set about assembling Iconia’s mightiest warriors into a group with the single goal of taking the realm back and restoring order to it. They are the Guardians of Iconia!


The technology featured in Warriors of the Cosmos varies wildly from location to location. In the more remote regions of Iconia, technology is primitive to the extreme, harkening back to medieval times; some areas even bring to mind prehistoric technology. The heavily (or even moderately) populated areas, however, possess futuristic technology to one degree or another.


Let’s state right from the beginning that the Iconians have no access whatsoever to space travel, which is slightly ironic considering that the name of the series is Warriors of the Cosmos. The citizens hold the stars above in great reverence and no attempt has been made to traverse space, though rumor has it that Nekrottus has tinkered with the notion.

As for getting from Point A to Point B, most citizens use mechanical vehicles. Ground vehicles are more common, though small airships are gaining in popularity. Flight technology is currently rather limited to smaller aircraft; you won’t find the Iconian equivalent to passenger jets.


Little advancement has come about in the area of communications technology. The wealthier citizens (particularly royalty) possess bulky screens and communication consoles. Unfortunately, everyone else depends on the “go over and talk to the person” method of communication.


The most common way to fight is with close combat weapons, usually of the primitive variety. Swords, staffs, maces, axes, and the like are still the weapons you see the most. That having been said, high-tech weapons have been seen on the battlefields more often these days. While laser guns were considered rare a short time ago, they are now almost an everyday sight.

Old fashion plate, scale, and leather armor represents the status quo when it comes to ways of protecting oneself. The more advanced pockets of civilization have been sporting more advanced types of armor recently, though powered armor is still extremely rare.


The following groups play an important role in the Warriors of the Cosmos.

Guardians of Iconia

This is the group the P Cs belong to. It’s not an organized group or military force. Rather, it’s a collection of warriors with a common goal: to rid Iconia of Nekrottus and thereby bringing peace and prosperity to the land.

King Rastor himself leads the group, though he doesn’t go out on missions or participate in adventures. He’s perfectly content to stay away from all that and maintain his kingdom for all its citizens. This is not due to cowardice on his part, but due to a sense of loyalty to his subjects.

Beyond King Rastor acting as the leader, there is no real hierarchy amongst the Guardians. They are all of equal rank, which has worked extraordinarily well considering the wide variety of cultures and backgrounds represented.

Blackskull Empire

The Blackskull Empire began its existence as a minuscule kingdom with only a sliver of land under its control. Since its founding, however, the Empire has branched outward, absorbing one kingdom after another by force or by guile. Eventually, it swallowed up every major kingdom on Iconia, with the exception of Haven. Keep in mind that Nekrottus hasn’t conquered every minor kingdom and unsettled area Iconia has to offer – he has concentrated on the more heavily populated regions, particularly those that contain a large kingdom or free city. He plans to absorb the minor kingdoms in due time. For now, he has a bigger fish to fry: Haven.

Unlike with the Guardians of Iconia, there is a very strict pecking order in the Blackskull Empire. Naturally, Nekrottus sits atop of the heap, so to speak. He has two individuals whom he trusts enough to consider his seconds-in-command, Shadow Queen and King Krab. When there are major operations that need to be carried out, you can bet that it will be one of them who are tasked with the “honor” of heading things up. The rest of his henchmen form the third rank and are generally held in low regard by Nekrottus, even though he allows them to take charge of minor missions. The final tier of rankings is occupied by his nameless, faceless cannon fodder, primarily the Turgs, Goop Zombies, and Blackskull Empire Troopers. They are, as far as Nekrottus is concerned, absolutely expendable.

The Fortress of Gloom

What would any self-respecting master villain be without a super-keen base of operations? Never let it be said that Nekrottus isn’t up to snuff, for the Fortress of Gloom is a first-class, Grade-A headquarters! Located in the most remote and dangerous parts of the Outlands, the Fortress of Gloom is an imposing and impressive sight to behold. It is situated at the very top of one of the Fogshroud Mountains. The steep, rocky mountainside itself ensures that anyone wishing to attack the fortress is going to have their work cut out for them. It would be an uphill battle... literally.

The fortress is made of dark gray metal, which gives it a cold, unsettling appearance. There is a tall tower at each of the four corners of the building. The massive drawbridge dominates the front facing of the building. As if this wasn’t imposing enough, large birds of prey seem to constantly be circling the upper reaches of the structure, as if waiting for someone to die.

Naturally, Nekrottus wouldn’t dream of leaving his fortress unprotected. Although the inaccessible location of the Fortress of Gloom goes a long way toward making it defensible, that’s not enough to satisfy the dread conqueror. He has installed numerous cunning traps – trapdoors, living statues, cage traps, lightning-bolt zappers, teleport traps, fear traps, and much more. An entire tome could be written on the subject of all the traps found in the Fortress of Gloom! Furthermore, Nekrottus always has a large number of troops to defend him and his precious fortress.

Haven and its Cities

Haven is the last major kingdom that has yet to fall beneath Nekrottus’ boot heel. Even before the founding of the Blackskull Empire, Haven was the largest, most prosperous kingdom in the land. It was always this kingdom that solidified peace on Iconia. Haven itself covers a vast expanse of land, from the Dargor Mountains to the north to the Dread Valley to the south. Its most distinguishing feature is the lush, ancient forests that dominate the countryside. In addition to all the natural wonders of Haven, it also consists of two large cities and countless towns and villages, all scattered across the landscape.


Questa, the capital city of Haven, is where the Palace of Justice is located (see below). The city itself is surrounded by a twenty-foot tall wall with four massive defense cannons capable of dealing with heavy vehicles as well as scads of enemy soldiers. The buildings in Questa are angular, made of white marble and shining metal, and are usually quite tall and regal.

The Palace of Justice itself is a star-shaped building – each “arm” of the star is dedicated to providing the living spaces of the ambassadors from other realms, and the Heart of Justice is the seat of power in the center of the star. Above the Heart is the highest tower, where Rastor and his family make their homes when in Questa proper.

The palace is fashioned of marble and paneled with goldenwood (grown in the Metal Forest, which is now under Nekrottus’ control). The wood is known for its sheen, which looks greatly like polished brass. Below the palace is a series of storage areas, meeting rooms, and the largest library on Iconia. At the very bottom stands the Star-Chamber, a meeting place protected by the fiercest magics, where King Rastor holds meetings with his chosen warriors.


Darshire is the main center of education in Haven, boasting two colleges: the Divine College of Wizardry and the Institute of Knowledge. While not as large as Questa, Darshire has always played an important role in Haven’s development.

Unfortunately, much of the city has become war-torn due to the infamous Battle of Darshire, which left a legacy of ruined buildings, bomb craters, piles of rubble, and damaged roads.

On the upside, the colleges suffered minimal damage during the assault and were easily repaired.

Anyone who shows aptitude for magic can attend the illustrious Divine College of Wizardry – for a handsome sum of Zarklo Pieces. Only the most talented sorcerers are allowed to teach the ways of magic at the college and the pupils are expected to study extraordinarily hard in order to graduate. The campus is made up of several medium-size buildings of various shapes around one very large central building. Known as the Great Hall, the central building is where most of the truly important classes are taught.

On the more scientific side of things, most of Iconia’s leading technology came from the Institute. Its many scholars work tirelessly to teach their students and create new and improved technologies. Much of the inventing is done in secret, darkened chambers deep beneath the college’s buildings. The Institute of Knowledge comprises three buildings: the Chamber of Science, the Chamber of History, and the Chamber of Astrology. Each building is identical to the others except for a unique statue in front of them."

First up is the Guardians of Iconia. The characters are broken up n Seasons. The heading to the first season includes the year the season. First Season is 1983.

Our first character is a fine character who's seems to a moron Big Guy, a rock creature name Bouldarr who could talk you ears off about rocks.

Combato is could consider a Smart Guy, as he's the robot. He is do anything to find out what happen to his creator, Fliggitz.

Falcor, is our Bird People, a good right hand name to King Rastor. He is the ruler of the Sky People's Bird People. He has a very impossible goal in his factoids, " Wants to reconcile with his brother, Falconus.

We meet Falcor's consort, Hawklady. Hawklady is a defense fighter with swan-like wings. She was originally a normal human into accident caused by Nekkrottus could her to merge with a pet hawk.

Kazgull is a barbarian from fabled Karmahn Steppes. He is looking to free his tribe from Nekkrottus's Goop Zombie squad.

Lorxan, a very fat Mountain Gargoyle ex-cop from Grimboldsburg, looks like to this series's comic relief.

Merlis, our mentor, isn't worry about age. He's older then King Rastor, but the biggest problem on his mind that he cause Nekkrottus's birth.

Noblara, is our noble weapon, who captured by Nekkrottus and turned into his private personal slave. She escaped and join the Guardians to reclaim her lands from the evil forces.

Oshida, is Iconia's martial arts. He would have been happy just to stay with the other Chosu monks on Bokaru, a island nation. It is just me or his anyone getting the feeling Bokaru is Iconia's Japan?

Sure-Shot, is hothead female Cowboy, know as Queen of the Frontier since she did lot of exploring of that place while growing up there.

Next up is our Second Season which appeared in 1984, according the heading here.

The back group Azlara sounds so Mary Sue, I'm afraid of allowing the players to use her. Royalty sent to find help to free her peaceful sun worshipers to free her people from Nekkrottus. She is the female on the cover of "Cartoon Action Hour: Season Two"

Full-Steam has a issue with the rules. Computer hasn't been invented on Iconia according to the PC Creation Guidelines, but Fliggitz the Wise input "amazingly advanced computer brain." For me, this character doesn't exist unless computers are built between Season 1 and Season 2. Bout for me, I say between Season 3 and Season 4, would be a good time for Iconia invent computers. You miles may vary.

Gro-D is one slimly fighter with the ability to become to grow his body. He has a rancid order that clings to his body and he can't smell it since all of his people, the Muk People, smell like that.

Maximarr is our male character from the cover. He is ally of the Guardians who have pull them out of trouble on a several occasions during the second season. No one knows who he is. I love to reveal him to be a combine of a prince and princess of near-by country.

Our next one isn't stolen from He-Man, but "Jayce and the Wheel Warriors" , Motor Mouth is a coward knight from the Globbits. His name was give by Sure-Shot because how fast and how often he speaks.

Prismor is crystal alien who crashed his thinking ship on Iconia. He gets allow particularly well with Bouldarr, which gave the two of them some fantastic battle scenes together. He

This one is stolen from it's cause from it's birth, "Star Wars", Sir Castic is merge of Han Solo (his look) and Luke Skywalker (the son of the villian). He's looking for the family that Nekkrottus either imprison or killed.

Guardians of Iconia has three vehicles: a aircraft called Cloudblazer , a hover barge named the Battle Skiff, and a odd vehicle called the Tumble Tank with a yellow dragon face and blue eagle face. The yellow dragon side is consider the default side.

Next up is the Blackskull Empire Skull, spitted into seasons with the year reminds in this.

First one is something stolen from the X-Men comic book, a blob-like humaniod who has a bad attitude. His name is Blobbor.

Next, we have Buzzard Man, a buzzard-like humaniod with who's quite insane from waters underneath the Sky-Rend on the Isle of Melancholy. He may be a few cards short of a deck, but he's one of the most loyal member of Nekkrottus forces, so Nekkrottus sends him out on solo missions.

Gatlyna is a tough woman trapped in a short girl body. She has no loyal to anyone. She's work for anyone that can pay her off.

King Krab is a creature that got control of the Krab People. He doesn't know where he come from, but isn't a Krab People. He has a civil war with his people until he befriended Nekkrottus. King Krab is Nekkrottus's right hand man. If I was playing I would give King Krab by giving him a nightmare, the real Krab People—a Krab Person with sliver skin and four arms.

Monstro is a giant weapon for Nekkrottus force created out of a barbarian warlord named Destructor.

Next up is the major headache himself, Nekkrottus—who is Skeleton with a different past. I let CCM explain the big bad herself, "Quick Bio: Very little is known of Nekrottus’ past. What is known, however, is that Nekrottus approached Merlis when the future-overlord was just a young man. He wanted the wise mage to teach him the ways of magic. Nekrottus learned everything Merlis could throw at him – his thirst for knowledge was unquenchable. Merlis tried to stress the importance of completely mastering the simpler aspects of magic before moving on to more advanced aspects, but this frustrated Nekrottus, who began to seek that knowledge elsewhere. Nekrottus eventually came across a sinister hermit who called himself S’groth. S’groth offered to teach Nekrottus every aspect of magic. This offer was too tempting for the young man, and for a time, he continued learning from Merlis as well, but Nekrottus learned so much more from S’groth than he did from Merlis, since dark magic is simpler to perform. Of course, he rationalized that Merlis was an inferior mentor to S’groth, and soon stopped attending sessions with Merlis altogether. Upon doing so, he devoted himself fully to practicing the dark magics. S’groth revealed himself to be a demon and offered Nekrottus more power than he could ever imagine. All he wanted in return was Nekrottus’ soul – a small price to pay for ultimate power.

With his soul belonging to S’groth, Nekrottus started build an Empire of his own, hoping to conquer all of Iconia himself. However, he knew that his master would n allow him to become the single most powerful being in universe. He devised a cunning plan to rectify this problem once and for all, banishing S’groth to the Nether Realm where he belonged! Now that the demon was no long inhibiting his rise to power and cramping his style, Nekrottus continued building his Empire and managed to conquer most of Iconia ... just like he had planned to all along.

Appearance: Nekrottus appears to be a floating skeleton with no legs and a skull that burns eternally with hellish red and orange fames. He wears a ragged, purple robe-like article of clothing, along with a blue cape and a red sash that hangs down his torso.

Factoids: “Has no human compassion”, “Speaks in a low, raspy voice”, “Imposing”, “Doesn’t hesitate to fee when things go sour”

Subplots: Mental Hang-Up (Completely power mad), Vow (To finally conquer Haven)

Traits: Dark Sorcerer 10 [Clusters (Attack/Defense, Transformation, Manipulation, Movement)], Staff of G’hotak 8 [Enhancer +4, Situational Boost (+2 versus metal), Accessory, Disadvantage (Fragile and can’t be used in close combat)], Infernal Sword 6 [Enhancer +3, Trait Zap (Target; -2 to strength-based and athletics-based Traits if the target suffers a Setback Token; this effect has a duration), Advantage (Can only be wielded by Nekrottus), Accessory], Onyx Orb 4 [A huge crystal ball that allows Nekrottus to see anywhere in Iconia; One-Shot, Disadvantage (Cannot be moved from the Fortress of Gloom)], Magic Armor 6 [Enhancer +3, Accessory], Air Chariot 9 [TRAITS: Armored Hull 4, Maneuverable 8 (Enhancer +4), Fast 8, Stealthy 3], Floating 3 [Disadvantage (Cannot float higher than a few feet off the ground/surface he would normally be standing on)], Athletics 4, Piloting 3, Aiming 5, Melee Combat 5, Hard to Damage 4, Dark Charisma 6, Strategy & Tactics 4, Indomitable Will 8, Strength 2 ' Stats: Threshold 12, Battle Rating 10"'

Next is a good example of Reptiles Are Abhorrent trope, in the form of Serpentina, a hothead snake under the control of the Shadow Queen. And sneaking of that person, she's next. She is part of nearly extinct Reptilars, which has mostly peaceful members.

The Shadow Queen come from another dimension, "The Onyx Realm" which has been under the rule of evil Dread Legion that ruled her universe for hundred years. She was originally, Darella Jogar, a leader of a rebellion who come to Iconia to get help, but the newly created portal rearranged her mind turning her evil and giving her magic powers becoming the evil Shadow Queen.

Spydar is a loyal, single-minded and easily control minion to Nekkrottus, born of arcane magic. He can't disobey Nekkrottus. I thought he looked like a spider (as he did in CAH:S1's rule book), but he's want CCM has to say about his appearance: " Spydar is an oddly proportioned humanoid who always seems to look like he’s trying to be sneaky. He has dark blue skin with purple highlights, narrow eyes, and a thin mouth that opens up with a sinister, fang-laden smile. His black hair is kept in a severe crew cut. His body is partially covered by what looks like a tight black singlet."

Volcanus is a walking volcano freed from his home by Nekkrottus and becomes Nekkrottus's bodyguard.

Then we get to the new additions to the evil forces for the Season 2. First up is walking and talking chemical disaster named Assyd Reign. The name is a pun on Acid Rain. If I was beating man—the first episode to feature this guy had the mortal of the story to be "not to pollute the planet."

Chillout is the victim of a con-artist trick from Nekkrottus. He would be member of the Guardians, if it was the fact that Nekkrottus con him into believing the Black Skull Empire was the good side and the Havenites was the evil side.

We get a more normal bounty hunter in the form of Eye-Catcher. Not of lot of information is given—and that's way Eye-Catcher likes. What is known is that she's been catching people for a long time. When Nekkrottus become the most powerful figure on Iconia, Eye-Catcher hit him for work—not surprising, he give her plenty.

Falconus is the insane half-brother of Falcor. He annoys Nekkrottus is a superiority complex and wants to unset Falcor.

King Vandar, a old friend of King Rastor, got magic-ized into the evil Vileheart, a Dark Vader-like knight for Nekkrottus.

And finally we get helping hand for Spydar in the form of Weezlor as explained by CCM, "Quick Bio: When annexing the warm and pleasant kingdom of Beechoakia, Nekrottus, accompanied by Monstro, Buzzard Man and other underlings, came upon a dense forest that locals had apparently stayed away from for a long time. Nekrottus used a little “gentle persuasion” to question peasants about this tree-covered land. He learned that the area was secretly governed not by humans, but by a tribe of savage humanoids more akin to the predators of the forest. The leader of this stealthy, but toughened tribe was Weezlor. In fact, he had swiftly tricked the former leader Grand Minkus Mox into a trap in an obstacle race and taken his position. Not too surprisingly, no one had challenged Weezlor’s chieftainship since. It didn’t take long before Nekrottus made him an imperial commander.

Appearance: Weezlor has a lean, wiry frame, and is marked by a soft beige fur all over, except for his belly, which is white. He always wears a pentagonal “Robin Hood” style hunter cap made of dark leather, with cutouts for the ears, and a tight-fitting harness over his torso and thighs. Cap and harness are in the same color. On the front side and both shoulder flaps of said harness is a carved pattern that resembles a stylized “WW”. This symbol also reappears on the hilt of his longsword, a unique serrated weapon that variously acts as a saw or a machete. His face features the snout, fangs and ears of a large weasel, and could be considered quite attractive, if not for his crooked smile and stern expression.

Factoids: “Can be exceedingly cautious”, “Doesn’t spend a long time in a fight or direct confrontation”, “Close friend and adviser to Spydar”, “Animals are easily scared of him”, “Likes to sabotage his opponents’ vehicles or machines”

Traits: Astounding Reflexes 3 [Enhancer +2], Evade Attack 4 [Specialty], Climb Over Obstacle 2, Running 3, Sense of Smell 4, Wilderness Scout 3, Knowledge About Forests 1, Knowledge About Predators 2, Unscrupulous Attitude 2, Irritable 1X, Competitive 1X, Serrated Sword 4 [Enhancer +2, Accessory]

Stats: Threshold 10, Battle Rating 4"

The next has two Blackskull Empire vehicles: a large transport ship called Skyhammer and a two-legged tank called Fright Strider.

Back for CCM for the following, I just going to italics the episode titles.

"Episode Seeds

“To Save King Vander”

The single-city kingdom of Galloway has always been a staunch ally of Haven, due in part because of the steadfast friendship between King Vander and King Rastor. The kingdoms’ alliance can also be credited to the fact that Galloway is situated a scant few miles to the east of Haven. It was this close proximity to Haven that made Galloway such a tempting target for Nekrottus. While it may be a minor kingdom, Nekrottus knew that conquering it would give him a strategic stronghold in his effort to overtake its much larger neighbor. Without warning, the Blackskull Empire converged on Galloway and attacked it mercilessly. The city’s militia stood no chance against Nekrottus’ might. It fell within the hour and King Vander was taken prisoner.

Naturally, King Rastor organized numerous rescue missions, each of which was doomed to failure. Now, though, Rastor has been made aware of an ancient network of tunnels that run beneath the city; a perfect way past the heavy defenses Nekrottus has set up along the borders. Little do they know, however, that King Vander is no longer the just and noble man he once was. Due to the dark magic of Nekrottus, he has become twisted and evil… and is now known as Vileheart. So, the P Cs will be in for a not-so- nice surprise when they turn up to rescue him.

“Falconus Returns”

After his attempt to wrest control of the Sky Realm from his brother Falcor, Falconus fed the area to lick his wounds. Shortly thereafter, he began amassing a sizable army in an effort to do what he failed to do the first time. He encountered the Pteradakks, a race of flying humanoids reminiscent of pterodactyls, which he recruited to form his rank and file. But before he made his move on Falcor, he wanted to ensure his victory by finding the fabled Lost Shards of Zarkan. Legend has it that the person who wields all three pieces of the shard will have the power to rule the Sky Realm forevermore. So far, Falconus has located two of the pieces. The last one, though, has eluded him.

That’s where Nekrottus comes in. He approached Falconus and told him that he knows the general vicinity of the shard. However, he would only share this knowledge with him if he swore his loyalty to the Blackskull Empire. Once Falconus agreed, Nekrottus revealed that the shard is somewhere deep in Dino Valley, a jungle-ridden hole in the ground where dinosaurs roam freely about.

Recently, word of this ploy has reached the ears of King Rastor, who plans to send out a team to retrieve the last shard so that Falconus cannot defeat Falcor. That team is the group of P Cs. But Falconus and his Pteradakks are on the hunt as well.

“Lord of the Turgs”

Trouble is brewing in the Craggs, a massive expanse of rocky, barren land far to the west of Haven. When Nekrottus rose to power, the Turgs joined up with him without hesitation. However, a mysterious Turg spell caster named Argok has appeared recently, speaking to the Turg tribes about dominance and self-unity. Needless to say, his smooth words have earned him the trust of his brethren. He tells them that they shouldn’t follow a non-Turg such as Nekrottus. Rather, the tribes should band together and take Iconia for themselves. So far, roughly half the tribes have joined his cause and are preparing to launch an assault on both Haven and the Fortress of Gloom.

This has, of course, raised the ire of Nekrottus himself. He sent Shadow Queen and his own Turgs to hunt Argok down. Unfortunately for him, Argok swayed his Turgs to his side and Shadow Queen quickly found herself on her own.

King Rastor has summoned the Guardians of Iconia to the Star Chamber and asks them to neutralize the Turg threat. He realizes that if all the tribes unite under one banner, the world will stand no chance whatsoever. He also realizes the grim truth that even as mighty as Haven is, they’re going to need the help of Nekrottus if they hope to survive the oncoming war. The other alternative is to use subtlety to defuse the situation, a much better solution overall. How will the heroes handle the situation?"

Next series is the "G.I. Joe" Homage in the form of "Strikeforce Freedom", which I do next time.