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Geek Sweat! Rockopolis' Video Game Workout!
Dr Rockopolis

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In Which Rockopolis Attempts To Explain This Abomination
So, I have a bicycle trainer, and a surprisingly large library of dusty Play Station Two (and Play Station One) games. The two go together reasonably well, and I've started longer workouts on my days off. I figured I'd give liveblogging these games a shot. This is probably going to be a relatively unstructured liveblog.

The thing that hits me, these really aren't as fun as I remember. Nostalgia Filter? But I've got to have something to do while I ride, and holding a controller is a lot easier than using a computer...for now, I should see if I can rig up a frame or use the voice commands...

So far I've been browsing through my library, and the ones I've looked at so far...
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