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I Really Am An Idiot

Episode 8 - I Really Am An Idiot

We begin where the last episode left off: Sayaka going nuts on Elsa Maria. Sayaka wins, kekkai breaks, and Grief Seed appears... which Sayaka promptly tosses to Kyouko, claiming that she's repaying her debt. Sayaka is exhausted, and needs to have Madoka help her walk

No changes to the OP this time

Madoka and Sayaka are taking shelter from the rain. Madoka is worried about the self-destructive way Sayaka is fighting. Sayaka feels that it's the only way she can win, and it doesn't really matter because she's just a lump of stone. Madoka presses her point, but only succeeds in angering Sayaka, who suggests that Madoka should become a Magical Girl in her place. Sayaka runs off, and, naturally, feels regret for what she said

We move to Homura's place. It's a bit odd. Homura has Kyouko over, and they are discussing where the Walpurgisnacht will appear. Kyouko is trying to get Homura to tell her how she knows all this when Kyuubey appears. He tells them that Sayaka is running herself out faster than expected. This scene is somewhat interesting, as Kyuubey is willing to let Homura to Kyouko about what's going to happen, but indicates that it's not something people normally find out. Not that Homura does explain, just calling it 'something that can't be undone'

The next day, Madoka is trying to find Sayaka, who is stalking Hitomi and venting her frustration on minions. Homura manages to find Sayaka. She tosses Sayaka a Grief Seed, which is kicked away with a rationalization about never using magic for her own benefit. Which is immediately followed by Sayaka admitting that she wants to die

Homura asks Sayaka why she won't listen to her. Sayaka says it's because she can tell that Homura is always lying, which Homura admits to. She's not trying to save Sayaka, she's trying to save Madoka the pain of watching her friend fall. So if Sayaka won't take her help, Homura will kill her. Then Kyouko shows up and restrains Homura. Sayaka runs slowly stumbles off. Homura then escapes by her shield being able to produce weapons (a flashbang in this case) and her timestopping ability

So Sayaka taking the train. There's a couple misogynists on it, making their misogyny very known. Sayaka tries to talk to them, but has a minor breakdown, and transforms into some green circley thing. The guys are probably dead now

Madoka's search for Sayaka takes her into a park, where she comes across Kyuubey. Basically, Madoka is considering becoming a Magical Girl, which Kyuubey is quite supportive of, saying that she'd be like unto a Reality Warper, capable of doing things Kyuubey can't, like bringing back Sayaka, and he has no idea why. Just as Madoka is about to make her wish, Homura shows up and shoots the hell out of Kyuubey

Homura is starts out angry about how Madoka is always sacrificing herself because she thinks she's worthless, but becomes increasingly emotional and sad. Madoka doesn't seem to know how to respond, and runs off look for Sayaka

So, another Kyuubey shows up. He has many replacements. After the new Kyuubey eats the old body, he notes that Homura uses time control magic, and likely isn't from this timeline at all. Homura confirms nothing, but says that she'll never let Kyuubey's plan succeed. Oh, and his real name is Incubator

Kyouko catches up to Sayaka at a train station. Sayaka says some stuff about the balance of hope and despair, then starts transforming into a witch. It is very trippy, and involves winds strong enough to knock Kyouko away.

And we get a scene of (a?) Kyuubey in the industrial area, who confirms that, yes, the magical girls are in the process of becoming witches

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