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There's No Way I'd Regret

Episode 5 - There's No Way I'd Regret

We open on a conversation between Sayaka and Kyuubey, on the top of the hospital. Sayaka is nervous about her wish, but Kyuubey assures her there's no problem with it. So they go through with the contract. The involves Kyuubey's ear-things reaching into her chest and pulling out a glowing blue sphere, that becomes the Soul Gem. Apparently 'Soul Gem' is a more literal name than we'd been led to believe

Next is the opening. Slight changes here, presumably to represent Sayaka being the main magical girl instead of Mami

Back at school, Hitomi is tired. She had to stay up late to deal with the fallout from last episode's event, which she doesn't remember at all. Meanwhile, Sayaka is very good at acting like she had nothing to do with it

So now Madoka and Sayaka are lying on a hill. They discuss Sayaka becoming a Magical Girl. This conversation is kind of hard to recap. Key points: Sayaka either isn't worried about dying in battle or puts up a good front; She seems to think it's fun; She found something she's willing to risk her life for

Over at the hospital, Kamijou still isn't being discharged. Mainly because Sayaka didn't bother to wish his legs back into working order. There's some conversation between Kamijou and Sayaka that mostly just establishes that he regrets his earlier outburst, then Sayaka takes him up to the same roof where she made the contract. There's a group of people there, with his violin. He plays some music (Ave Maria, if you're wondering) as a sort of celebration of his recovery

And it turns out Kyouko was watching the whole thing through a pair of binoculars. She's not impressed by the new magical girl. Kyuubey, who's with her, warns her that another Magical Girl is around. When Kyouko asks who, Kyuubey says he doesn't know. She's an irregular, and it's unclear if she made the contract with Kyuubey. Kyuubey doesn't know what she'll do. It's probably safe to assume that the character in question is Homura, but her name is never used

Off to the mall for another conversation between Homura and Madoka. Madoka wants Homura to help Sayaka not die. Homura says that she can't do that, and suggests that Madoka give up on Sayaka. There's also a mention of raising the dead being impossible (so Mami's not coming back). Oh, and magical girls now have a mark on the nail of their middle finger, in the shape and colour of the form their Soul Gem takes after they transform

We move to Sayaka going off on her first witch hunt. As she leaves the building she lives in (not certain if it's a house or apartment) she's surprised to see Madoka waiting for her. Madoka is doing this partially so she can make the contract and save Sayaka if it looks like that'll be necessary

So, they find the kekkai. It was formed by a familiar rather than a witch. Apparently familiars aren't very imaginative, since this kekkai mostly just replaces the walls with sheets of lined paper. The thing itself looks like a child's drawing of a person riding a vehicle (the vehicle changes). Sayaka tries and fails to kill it for a bit, then Kyouko shows up and takes down the barrier

Kyouko's Magical Girl outfit is red, and she uses a spear that break apart into sections connected by a chain

Kyouko is irritated that Sayaka is trying to kill a familiar. Kyouko waits for familiars to to kill and turn into witches before killing them, so she can get the Grief Seed. Kyouko yells at Sayaka a bit more, and ends up seperating Madoka and Kyuubey from them with a barrier. Then they start fighting. Sayaka is seriously getting her ass kicked, and only takes as much punishment as she does because her wish to heal someone resulted in her having superhuman healing. Just as Madoka is about to make the contract, Homura shows up. ...I'm not really certain how. It was one of those weird not there one shot, there the next transitions, like the Grief Seed in episode 3, or Kyuubey in episode 4. Also; Sayaka somehow moved about 3 meters, despite being collapsed on the ground

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Huh. So I guess Madoka is definite about not wanting to be a Magical Girl? That's a first. I'm rather surprised, actually. This series is turning my expectations on my head.

Kyouko also sounds like a douche :/
CyganAngel 10th Feb 11
Kyouko is very much at the Cynical end of the Sliding Scale. If she joins the good guys, she'll be a Heroic Sociopath at best.
arbane 14th Feb 11