Everybody gets punched: A Zeta Gundam liveblog

Pata Hikari

Episode 8: Dark Side of the Moon.

This show sure does love it's shots of space. As well as it's philosophical pondering.

The Titans are drifting around the moon, Jerid is asking some maintenance crew member about how a Mobile Suit is going. It's being tested, and he's being the one to test it.

Meanwhile, the Argama has reached the moon... and Kamille is sulking. Quattro and Emma tell him that if somethings bugging him he can talk to the mature adults on this show. Kamille, being a sulky teenager, says he can't. Quattro guesses it has something to do with Lila (R.I.P). Probably true, Emma tells him to leave so she can tactfully talk to him... but Kamille is a prick and tells her off, using the "probation" excuse. Pfft

But wait, Emma's probation is over! Owned Kamille!

Emma is trying to talk to Kamille, the others think he might be a little angry about the whole "becoming a soldier" thing. Kamille, at least, doesn't want Emma to give some canned speech. She tries to get to the heart of Kamille's frustration, but he's having none of it... ahhh... he's accusing her of calling him a Newtype.

Kamille tries to put on this tough guy act, but Emma sees through it. Of course, right afterwords Kamille just walks out on her. Geez, you're in a jerk mood aren't you.

Emma follows, and brings up Amuro Ray... his whereabouts are unknown. But Emma claims to have met him around two years ago. That catches Kamille's attention. She met him on a Road Trip. He was living in a mansion, and apparently was "gloomy looking." She only realized who he was recently.

Kamille jumps into his Gundam, and Emma brings up that she only realized it was Amuro AFTER meeting Quattro, now why would he remind anybody of Amuro?

...Why is Quattro spying on them? (Then again, it is a nice view of Emma)

Someone like Char Aznable on this ship? Don't be silly Kamille.

"Then, you've met Char."


Kamille denies it right after saying it, you punk.

Of course, the conversation is interrupted! They're under attack!

Three Titan ships.. and hey, they just noticed the Argama... Jerid is ordered to scout them out. He's ordered to only confirm where the Argama is hiding... like he'll hold back. No, he's going to do something stupid.

Kamille is heading out, Quattro following.

...yup, Jerid's going to try and force Kamille out. He charges right past the ship, Quattro following. Jerid's outnumbered two to one, let's see how long he lasts.

....and he challenges Kamille to a duel over Lila. (Maybe you should GROW UP Jerid, or is a girl you knew for a few days more important then a person's parents?) Kamille is naturally pissed at this stupidity, and kicks him into the dirt.

...oh grand, Jerid is leading the Gundam away from the ship. Of course, he can't actually hit him. Oh hey, Jerid managed to actually avoid some shots. Is... is he gaining skill? Oh no! Kamille's cornered!



Back on the Titans ship, they've lost track of the Argama.

Jerid swings down his beam saber... and Kamille blocks it and gets away. It's time for a sword fight..... which ends with Quattro shooting at Jerid, scarring him off. Ouch, his leg got damaged and rifle got destroyed.

Congratulations Jerid, this is the first time you've been a credible threat, I'm impressed.

Quattro tells Kamille to be more careful, being lead away by a single M.S is a sign of amateurism.

Oh hey, the Titans have a Moon Base. The good guys have one too. Hahaha awesome. That or a moon city. Whatever.

Nice suit Quattro. Nice apartment too. Somebody's come to visit him. Wait, why is he calling Quattro Char? He's Quattro, silly. This guy's giving Quattro a report about the Titans ship, they seem to be plotting something.

... a nuclear pluse in the asteroid belt? What does it mean? "Axis?" Who?

"So Zeon's Ghost has begun to move." Well that's ominous, Quattro. OK, who's Haman Kaan. Ok, Gryps is moving too... why is a Space Colony moving?

...whatever it is, it's some evil Bask is plotting. Quattro gets a call to meet someone at a hamburger shop, and the guy used a collect tall to boot. Hahaha, what a jerk.

Back with Bask's Number Two Who Is Likely As Big A Jerk As Him (BNTWILAAAH for short) he's irritated at lack of supplies, it seems that Earth is slow on supplies.

Does BNTWILAAAH believe it? No. He thinks the city's A.E.U.G supporters (would you blame them? Hey Titans, try not MURDERING people who protest Government policies, maybe then you won't have resistance groups) Oh hey, Jerid's back, and BNTWILAAAH's having him thrown into the brig! (Ok, THIS is understandable. He disobeyed orders that WEREN'T baby eating evil.)

Jerid, to his credit, accepts his punishment. On his way he talks to another Titan... he also wants to avenge Lila. He has approval from BNTWILAAAH for this plan too.

Meanwhile, Kamille and Emma are driving around the moon. They're both marveling at a city supporting the A.E.U.G... and then run into the ruins of a space colony. It's, rather sad looking, and wasteful.

Quattro heads over to Not McDonalds to meet the guy who wants to meet him. He is... understandably confused about the contact's choice of location.

Emma, after seeing Colony 30, realizes why the Titans were formed. The whole "root out Zeon remnants" is just an excuse...

And oh snap, the Titans are there, and they're listening in.

Meanwhile, Quattro meets a lot of serious looking men at Not McDonald's. Wong Lee, the man who called him out is there (I had assumed it was an alias, what do you know) I'm guessing these people are funding the A.E.U.G. It seems there are some disagreements, they want to attack a place called Jaburo, Quattro doesn't.

His reasons are rather practical. 1. They simply lack the military capabilities to do so. 2. It would be an attack on Earth, and cause major environmental damage. (And remember, this is a planet that's recovering from having a space colony falling on it and knocking a hole in Australia.) 3. Once they're in the gravity well, how do they get out? Quattro suggests attacking Gryps. Wong Lee reasons that Gryps is just a single base, and that even if they destroy it, the Federation will build a new one. Jaburo is their stronghold, destroying it would deal a major blow to them.

Wong Lee wants them to hand over their M.S's to the A.E.U.G's Earth forces... Quattro says no.

...on snap! The Titans are attacking Emma and Kamille! And the guy attacking them knows Emma.

"Emma, why did you join the A.E.U.G?"

Because they're Dr. Doom level evil.

Kamille almost gets show, but a bit of faling derbis saves him. Emma and Kamille manage to get away... but only because he didn't chase them.

Next episode: Emma/Kamille Ship Tease! (Which I totally support)

Well, this episode was nice, we got some real political action in the last part. I get the feeling that A.E.U.G's financiers might not have as noble intentions as out heroes.

Slap Count: 1

Punch Count: 4


Quick comment, since you apparently didn't watch the original series: Jaburo is the military headquarters of the Earth Federation (their political headquarters is in Dakar, Senegal for some crazy reason). Jaburo is an underground city in Brazil. Char should know better than anyone what it'd take to attack it, because he led a Zeon raid on Jaburo back during the One Year War.

Anyway, good luck and keep it up. BTW, Bask Ohm's #2 guy is named Commander Jamaicon. 16th Aug 11