Everybody gets punched: A Zeta Gundam liveblog

Pata Hikari

Episode 3: Inside the Capsule.

We start at a millitary base placed on an astroid, used for mining, focusing on a ship that's black. so it's a evil Titans ship. Two soliders talking about the A.E.U.G, one of which, Lila, has a long and silly name.

Back to Bright! Who's all beaten up while Bask, of course, acts like nothing happened and asks Bright, a freaking war hero, to deliver a 'letter. What a jerk.

Oh, Crap!. They've figured out that Kamille stole the Gundam.

Back to our heroes! We learn another interesting fact, apparently Amuro Ray wasn't well known, and was only talked about in underground newspapers.

This makes no sense. Someone like Amuro would be paraded if the government had any thought for PR. A young pilot bravely fighting in a shiny and heroic looking mobile suit? He would be made a shining example of the type of hero that won the war. But instead he's barely talked about and repressed?

Kamille is thanked for his help by the A.E.U.G, and oh snap, the Titans are coming. Ensign Reccoa is assigned to watch over our young new recruit. Being female, I'm going to assume she's competent.

Back to the Titans! It seems that they're actually showing restraint, and am being ordered to merely search them. Lila's commanding officer, it seems, thinks that she's a bit of a loose cannon, and reminds her to show restraint. The Titans launch their Mobile Suits!

Our heroes are talking about Kamille and if he's a Newtype (spoiler: He is) and Quattro comments that Newtype's aren't psychic (what). Well, OK, visually he looks normal. But Quattro, you felt him in deep space. I think that's psychic powers.

Geez, A.E.U.G really lucked out in getting Kamille. He has a lot of inside info on the Titans military projects, since both his parents are working on them.

Out to space, battle is about to begin, of course, the A.E.U.G is trying to avoid battle.

Back to the Colony, the Titans have gathered Kamile's parents and am dragging them along for the fight. I have bad feeling about this, since this is Bast's idea. And he has the worst ideas.

Action! The Titans are ready to move! First they demand they stop, it seems. The new suits are fast and good. Let's see what happens. Geez, you can cut the tension with a knife. Lila demands they stop, the A.E.U.G goes "lol no," and the fight begins! This girl is good, dodging Quattro's premptive shot. The fight is on!

Back to Kamille's parents. we see that Kamille's dad is a little distant, their marriage doesn't seem to be in good shape at all. Her mom flat out accuses him of cheating on her. His response? Slap her! Domestic violence!

Yeaaahhh they're not staying together.

Kamille's getting decked up in a pilot suit because it's the only spare space suit they have. Reccoa shuts down any thoughts of him actually piloting though.

Back to battle! Lila vs Quattro! Quattro is, of course, established as Just That Good. But he's one solider, and the ship is getting fire upon. But wait! The squad is ordered to fall back. But why?

Kamille fanboys over Quattro.

Oh, Crap!, it's an entire fleet. And our Titans soliders are given written orders... Emma is wisely sent to negotiate. A smart move, if they had sent Jerid it probably would have ended with him being shoved out of an airlock. of course, this Capsule is somewhat ominous, the officer doesn't say directly what it is...

Emma flys in... with a White Flag. Let the discussion begin. She's ready to deliver a letter to the Captain.

The Captain reads it... and gets angry. Emma, naturally, is totally ignorant of what's in the letter.

What's in it?

"Return the Gundam and Kamille, or his parents will be killed."



What is Bask thinking? Not only is this retardedly, pointlessly evil. It's also likely a violation of several laws. And, to top it off, it has the potential to be a giant PR nightmare. I mean, does he really think that the politicians that give the Titans their funding would be happy if it came out that this happens, and there is consequentially a giant public backlash? I'm fairly sure that with this, the Titans have descended to "absurd baby eating" evil. Any sane and moral person would be repulsed by it. And as such, I'm calling it. Emma will do a Heel–Face Turn, as she is the only Titan not shown to be a gigantic Jerk Ass.

Quattro says it might be a bluff, which is believable. I mean, it's so absurd. Captain, however, seems to know exactly the type of person Bask is and assumes it's true. He seems to have a history with him.

Word spreads throughout the ship of the hostage situation. Kamille overhears it.

Let's see, Kamille has been established as stupidly impulsive...

The Captain makes the hard choice of calling Bask's bluff, just as they discover a capsule... What's inside?

Jerid reads his orders... to destroy the capsule if somebody tries to get it. Welp.

And what do you know, Kamille's mom is in it!

Back to Kamille, he's launching! Going off to save his mom. Oh boy...

He gets close, ready to save her... And Jerid shoots it.

He's shocked, because he expected it to be a bomb. Of course, that's a reasonable assumption.

Kamille begins to cry... and the episode ends.

Next Episode: Emma realizes that the Titans are jerks.

Well, there we go. I don't see how the Titans can get any more evil at this point, and we're only on the third episode! I hope Bask dies a horrible death.

Slap Count: 2

Punch Count: 5


This makes no sense. Someone like Amuro would be paraded if the government had any thought for PR. A young pilot bravely fighting in a shiny and heroic looking mobile suit? He would be made a shining example of the type of hero that won the war. But instead he's barely talked about and repressed?

Well, ya gotta remember, he was a teenager when all that went down - and a civilian at that. If they acknowledge what he did, certain important people would undoubtedly be embarrassed; I mean, it's one thing for the White Base to be maintained through civilian efforts throughout the war, but quite another for some teenager, even a Newtype, to make fools of his fellow victors by doing as well or better than them.

Also, there are safety considerations to take into account; if he were widely known, he'd be a target for assassination by remaining Zeon sympathizers.

I'm really enjoying this liveblog - keep it up! : )

FurikoMaru 28th Mar 11
Jeremy Kopczynski-

I agree this is a great liveblog.

My brother and I joke about how "there are no psychic powers in Gundam" whenever someone does something that requires paranormal abilities. It was a little more believable in the first series but afterwards...

The Titans though are incredibly stupidly evil. Noa Bright is a hero of the the One Year War and a officer. I do not remember his exact rank at this point in time but he must have connections in the top brass and maybe even the political bigwigs. Secondly, they kill off people who are working for them. This is stupid not just for the PR reasons but as you said sane people would be repulsed. Lowering your own soldiers morale is counterproductive. At least Bask was "smart enough" to distribute his orders seperatly so that the parties involved would not be aware of what they were doing until after the fact but still.

Finally, about Amuro, wasn't he given a commision in the original series? Besides, the PR people could easily leave out all the details and emphasize the parts that make them look good and during the war help with morale. 27th Apr 11