So I hear Disgaea's good.

Five X

Let's Get This Show Back On The Unpaved Backwoods Gravel Road!

It has been a while! I are now back, back to fight!!

Since last time, I've done a ton of stuff that I don't entirely remember. However, I know I have a Knight, Don Quixote, level 35, and a Ninja, Plato, level 30. Also, Socrates is level 57 now, so I think I won't have much trouble in battles for a long time.

It's time to go to the Stellar Graveyard, and, y'know, do stuff. I think there was something to do about Captain Gordon, defender of Earth, and all that.

The first level is "Valgipus IV", and I wonder why there is outer space in the Netherworld.

Gordon's spaceship crashed to the ground, and he is nowhere to be found. His assistants, Jennifer and Thursday, look around for him, then we go to the regular group. Flonne thinks this area of mass devastation and cosmic rubble is beautiful. Huh.

The enemies here are all in one big clump of level 30. Laharl uses his Overlord's Wrath on them, but he's not particularly strong compared to them, so it only takes out about half the health of a few enemies.

Then, I send out everybody else. Now only half of the foes are left. Poor Tacitus, level 26, gets killed. Again. Same thing happens to Punchmaster, who is also kind of low leveled. I might want to fix that. Aristotle doesn't die, but does a pitiful amount of damage. But hey, I get 10000 HL out of that fight.

Now for the "Thurvean Sector".

Jennifer and Thursday are hanging around looking for Gordon still, and they hide in order to spy on the approaching Laharl and co. They don't do so well, and Laharl notices them pretty quickly. Jennifer gets the wrong idea, and thinks that he is a human kid that's been kidnapped by demons. You'd think Laharl would be looking pretty demonic and Overlordy by now. And soon the topic diverts to Jennifer trying to teach Laharl about sex. Again, that gets stopped, and turns into Jennifer telling Laharl that she, Thursday and Gordon came to kill the Overlord, who they thought was going to take over Earth. Naturally Laharl wants to meet Captain Gordon, if only to fight him.

There are more enemies this time, and they have me surrounded! Oh no. There's a Geo-Symbol that I could use to prevent them from getting in my little area, but I ignore it because it's harder if I do. So, next turn all of those enemies rush in to fight me. It doesn't go so well. I think I really need better equipment. Of course, since Socrates is pretty much unstoppable in these stages, I don't have too much to worry about in the end. Though I lose much of my team, I win, with Don Quixote, Socrates, Plato and Laharl left.

After I heal, it's time to go to "Sphere VIII" which makes me wonder what the other seven spheres are like.

This stage brings us to Gordon himself, who is pretty good at pointing out the obvious. A Captain at it, even. Even Thursday's 200,000 horsepower engine can stop the Overlord! That's as many as 20,000 tens! And that's... ridiculous. The Captain departs just as the people he's looking for arrive on scene.

Out of laziness, I only send out Socrates, Plato and Don Quixote. There are Geo Panels that increase their Attack and Defense, so I think I'll be fine. They actually do pretty well. Not a single casualty this match. Or, so I think.

There are a bunch more enemies beyond where I am. As expected, they come out to attack me once I've killed off the first group. The turn after they first move, they reach me, but fail to do much damage, until Plato gets killed by a flanking attack. Ouch. The last two guys left are pretty strong, at level 36. Socrates takes them out easily, though.

Next up is "Cross-Point", which has a less-than-stellar name. Cutscene!

Jennifer nicknames Laharl after a motorcycle, whether or not he wants to be ridden. She's thinking that maybe, just maybe, he doesn't want to invade Earth. Who wants that place, anyway?

This place is full o'ghosts! Doesn't seem like it's going to be all that interesting.

And lo, it is not. I win, despite Plato dying.

Now, to the "Primordial Soup"! am I really going back in time?

The group's found Captain Gordon. He arrives on scene, in all his manly, over the top glory. He's kind of a dick. Laharl and him fight, and if Gordon wins, Laharl won't invade Earth, but if Laharl wins, Gordon will be his vassal in the Netherworld. I see where this is going. Gordon, of course, accepts the challenge.

The enemies here are just Gordon and Thursday. I'm gonna see if Socrates alone can take them both down. Screw Laharl.

Socrates advances forward, and Gordon and Thursday don't do a whole lot of damage to her. One special attack halves Thursday's health, and then a counterattack reduces that even further. One more attack kills off the robot. Now it's on to Gordon himself.

He has a lot of health, but a Violent Storm and a Graviton Bomb defeat him before he can do much damage.

Flonne is shocked that she actually hurt a person. She'll be in big trouble if the Seraph find out...

Meanwhile, in Celestia...

The Seraph is lounging around (seriously, the guy is so calm and out of it it's like he's constantly stoned) and the Burger King shows up. Flonne, has killed a HUMAN in the Netherworld! Gasp! This guy exaggerates things more than a preppy high school girl. Seraph emotes for the first time, shattering my hopes that he would be played by Keanu Reeves in the inevitable Disgaea movie. Vulcanus is now off to the Netherworld.

I've got three new party members. I wonder if I'll actually use any of them.

"Gordon! Wash my shorts!" is the line that starts the next episode. Laharl is ordering the poor Defender around. The rest of the party is out to picnic, and Flonne suggests they head to the Sea of Gehenna for some, er... sight seeing. I'm guessing that this will be the most intense picnic ever.

By then I'll be a higher level, I hope.


"The first level is "Valgipus IV", and I wonder why there is outer space in the Netherworld."

Nippon Ichi multiverse lore: a Netherworld, rather than strictly an analog of hell, is more like a pocket universe. There are many of these, created by Overlords powerful enough to do so.
Fluid 13th Feb 11
I used Jennifer a lot, myself. Of course that could be because I liked her character design.
SKJAM 13th Feb 11
Now I know!
Five_X 13th Feb 11
And knowing is half the battle!

...Also, Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth, is a good offensive character in my humble opinion. Stick him with axes if you want to just charge in and obliterate enemies with him, or go with fists if you think he needs the extra speed to survive a fight.
EndarkCuli 13th Feb 11
Guys, you've got to say it right. It's Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!

Yes, you have to include the exclamation point.

Yes, every time.
Ezekiel 22nd Feb 11