So I hear Disgaea's good.

Five X

The Flonnz

So, last time I left off, I was about to go on the first mission to find Flonne, in the "Frozen River".

The first level is the "Forsaken Land", which really makes me wonder why they sent a small child into a place with a name like that.

The enemies are all level 4, which makes them pretty damn easy to fight, considering that Laharl and Punchmaster are both level 9.

Punchmaster is off to solo a couple foes, and it seems the main problem here are the Archers. They've killed a Prinny already, but I still keep those guys around 'cause there's no real reason not to.

In one turn, I've killed half of the enemy forces. The Archers are still annoying. Another turn, and them and the mage are the only monsters left. Even then, they're not even scratching my front line troops, not even Aristotle.

Wow, I just realized how high up they are. This is... gonna be a while.

...unless they do exactly what they just did, and sally forth to attack me. Idiots. Wait, nevermind, I can't even get onto their platform!!

But they didn't expect my unmatched genius! I have Etna toss Aristotle onto the platform, and hopefully these enemies will all die soon. It's not as easy as I expected, but it works out. I gets some money for my "hard work".

There's nothing new to buy, so I just get some heals and get out, back into... "I See Breath", oh, sorry, "Icy Breath." This one's got a cutscene thing.

The group runs into poor little Flonne, who promptly summons some zombies. Yeah, that's real angelic.

Oh, and Bishonen angel dude talks to thin air for a while.

This level has a lot of zombies in it. However, they're so underleveled that I think I can take them no problem with just Laharl, Punchmaster and Aristotle.

Yep, Laharl takes out three with his Blazing Knuckle. This is way too easy. Also, this is pretty boring.

Yay. I win.

Yawn. Next battle!

Ha, these attack names are hilarious. Flonne is awesome.

There are a couple higher level enemies in this lvel, including one level seven. But that's still too weak to beat me.

Funny enough, the annoying higher level enemies kill Punchmaster and Aristotle. However, Laharl is too much for them. I win, as per usual.

I'll save the next stage for next time. It's probably a boss stage, given that it's the fourth, so I might need a little tiny bit of preparation.


Take some antidotes on this one! And be careful!
GameChainsaw 20th Jan 11
Also, a magic user will come in handy.
SpellBlade 20th Jan 11
Congratulations, dood! As a fan of the series, I wish you a buncha luck!

Oh and speaking of magic users, who created Nietzsche the Cleric? If it was one of the human-looking guys (including the main duo) you're in luck. If you place a character you created next to the human you used to created them, the creator has access to every skill his pupil knows! And if you use the skill enough, the creator doesn't even need to be standing beside his pupil to use the skills any more!

Long story short, you'll probably want to have more than one source of healing magic in the near future, and it'd be nice if you didn't have to make another mage for it.
EndarkCuli 20th Jan 11