So I hear Disgaea's good.

Five X

Episode 1: Prince of the Netherlands

Hopefully I get to fight something this time.

I enter into a throne room. There are plenty of demony guys in here. Also, I kinda like the music.

My god, these guys are level 300+! I guess I'm not supposed to get into a fight with them, then... Well, there's one penguin thing that's level 1. I could take it.

Now this place has a store. That's kinda nice. Apparently I'm nearing a Tutorial Level.

I'm liking the humour. It kinda reminds me of Rare Ware games like Banjo-Kazooie. IE. "Shortsword: A sword that's kinda short."

I finally find the Dimensional Door of Doom to the tutorial level, and save. Apparently I can't do that outside of this place, which sucks.

Battle Basics 1: FINALLY! A battle, yay! Etna's summoning some penguins things, but they're just a little bit incompetent, or so it seems...

Laharl makes a good points here: The enemies just hand around while we my side talks. That's awfully nice of them, so thanks, Enemy Squad #1.

This tutorial is doing itself for me. Kinda unusual, I guess. But it does show me that, unless I'm completely mistaken, this is a Tactical RPG. That makes me happy! though a system like Star Ocean would be cool too.

Okay, it's now time for me to do the battling now that Etna's done her explanation. I send out everybody, in various positions. I still don't know what each character does or is good at, so I'll use this battle to find out.

The Prinnies get attacked on the Enemy turn, but the enemy...whatevers... divide themselves so that I can probably take them, all out pretty fast. After a blazing amazing set of maneuvers, one enemy is down. On the next, they're all deadified and I get some gum. Woot.

Battle Basics 2: More battles that are also basic. This time, I'm flanked!

Oh, badass! This is all about throwing enemies around. I like this game already.

So basically, this is a tutorial on how to do a Fastball Special, sort of.

Not really many chances to throw stuff here. I advance my Prinnies in a V formation in one direction, and Etna and Laharl go the other way.

On my second turn, I get a ton of combo attacks, awesomely enough. Only one enemy thing died, though, but it was cool to watch. Next turn, two of the Prinnies level up. An interesting method. For the final assault, the enemy is completely surrounded, but it only takes Laharl to destroy it. Surprisingly, Vasquez the Prinny didn't die in the fight.

I'll move onto the next tutorial and the subsequent ones next time, so don't touch that dial!


Good to see you doing this one. Enjoy!
SKJAM 16th Jan 11
Nice liveblog so far! Looks like this is your kind of game.
SpellBlade 16th Jan 11