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Hiatus over.

Right, I haven't posted on this in ages. Well, here's the deal. I had stuff to do, but I actually did find the time to read the prologuey stuff for Episode 2. When I read back over my notes on it, though, I found that they were really boring and didn't contain much in the way of speculation. I'll go ahead and post the options I thought of to explain the events up to this point, and since I have a three-day weekend here, I'll have an actual update for you in a few days. Sorry again about the hiatus.

Anyway, a summary of the possible explanations for the events of the episode 2 prologue:

  • Option 1: Unreliable Narrator is unreliable. None of that happened at all.
    • While I felt the need to note this option since it's not impossible, I can't see a way it could be pulled off without coming off as cheap, and this series seems to have better writing than that.
  • Option 2: It's some sort of trick or someone setting up way in advance for the murders.
    • No idea who'd be behind it, but it wouldn't be Kanon or Shannon, since in this theory they're both victims.
  • Option 3: Shannon's nuts.
    • Since there's a scene with Beatrice and Kanon, but no Shannon, he'd probably have to be crazy too. That makes this a bit less likely, but doesn't rule it out.

Could also be some combination of those.

Anyway, real update coming soon.


Yay, you're updating again!

I look forward to what you think of this episode.
arbane 4th Sep 11
There's also the idea that the entire scene is metaphorical
PataHikari 6th Sep 11

OneMore 29th Mar 12
So, is this blog ongoing, or dead? It would be nice to read further analysis.
OneMore 29th Mar 12
Yes, It would. Especially since the entire series is available in English.
JeremyKopczynski 25th Jun 12