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Something Resembling an Umineko Liveblog

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Episode 1 Deductions, AKA The Really Long Installment that Wasn't Intended For a Liveblog
So I've been meaning to do one of these liveblog things for awhile, and I never got around to it. So a few days ago, I was reading Umineko Episode 1 (I'd seen the first two arcs of the anime, but not read it) and I found myself taking notes and writing down theories. Then it occurred to me that this could be something resembling a liveblog. The stuff for episode 1 will be almost entirely focused on figuring stuff out, since this wasn't intended for liveblogging purposes, but I think I'll branch out more for the later ones.

I'd like to note that I don't plan for every installment of this liveblogish thing to be as long as the first one. It's just that way because I had it all typed up before I decided to use it as a liveblog.

I'll probably add a “general Ep 1 impressions” section to the end of Ep 1. But for now, my notes:


First Murders:

Eva and Hideyoshi's murders

Kanon's murder and Kinzo's discovery

Nanjo's, Genji's and Kumasawa's murders

Natsuhi's death

The rest of the deaths

Tea party at Purgatory

Witches' Tea Party

Right. That's what I typed up while reading it. At some point, I'm going to need to look back through that and type out a coherent sequence of events and list the things it still doesn't explain. Perhaps later. My next installment, though, will be my general impressions about Episode 1. It will probably be less than 20% of the length of this one.
9th Jan '11 8:37:44 AM flag for mods
Oh, this is interesting. I like this "just the facts" approach. Especially because it misses a few important points that are only obvious in retrospect. And it takes for gospel stuff that one should really not trust.

I shall follow this avidly, as I'm always fearing I've missed important data on my previous readings.
Jhiday 9th Jan 11
So far, so fun. I'll be looking forward to the rest of this.
arbane 9th Jan 11
A very good liveblog here. I like this format and detail. Keep it up.

You've made some interesting assumptions and guesses.
PataHikari 9th Jan 11
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