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Ajbcool watches....Digimon, Digital Liveblog!

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Liveblog, Attempt 2
Hello to all! I'm a big fan of Digimon. Have been since it came out. Tried to do a liveblog of it once...kinda fell behind. Whoopsee. But I'm going to try and pick it back up again! First few posts will be reposting from the archived thread some of the first few episodes, but new content should start coming out, like, next week perhaps! Maybe make it a weekly Monday thing. But soon!

Let me know what other things you want me to do in here! Oh, and I'm doing every dubbed episode out there. Therefore, no comparisons to the original Japanese, or any run thru of Digimon Xcros Wars (until it gets dubbed, that is). So....let's get back into this thing!
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