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The absent guardian deity's greatest tournament


We refuse to acknowledge you as Gensokyo's Guardian Deity! If that title means anything to you, come to the Forest of Magic, alone!

Sincerely, the fluffballs

Yes, Lithos has been challenged by fluffballs. Not quite as epic as Kaguya, but it works? I guess? Also, I suppose the Gorgon Sisters are now guardian deities of Gensokyo (there's gotta be a shorter way to say that, but that's what the dictionary says). This must have been covered by the ending. I'm not sure what exactly a guardian deity does though. Maybe that's one of the reasons she's helping us? Regardless, this is another quest where only one character can participate. For the record, Kaguya was actually a 4 star quest, and this one is 2 stars, so it should be significantly easier. Not that Kaguya was particularly hard once I learned to read.

Searching the Forest of Magic is much less annoying than Eientei was because the enemies all die in one from any attack. So, without any trouble I find the magic-circle fairy that is the mini-boss here. I prepare Lithos for a duel by giving her Excalibur and start the battle.

There are a lot of them. All they do is normal attacks, and they can't actually kill me. Well, they could in theory but it's very unlikely since they have a very low hit rate. Unfortunately they also have tons of health, about 10k each. Kaguya had about 30k, so given that there are 12 of them they have 4 times as much health as she did. Of course, we can hit them with AOE attacks, but Lithos isn't quite an expert on those.

Rather quickly, I run out of MP and they still have about half their HP. I had been hoping for a Last Word proc since Void Cavitation would definitely finish them off, but they don't do enough damage to trigger it. My only hope is to get it from a normal attack.

So I set it on auto-battle (which just repeatedly uses your normal attack) and go make dinner. When I come back, a few of them are dead but more importantly Lithos has her Last Word and ends the battle right then. The quest reward is a crafting material for Lithos' weapons, which is unsurprising.

This quest was silly. Also, there seem to be an endless supply of these sidequests and they're steadily getting higher level. I think I'm going to ignore them and start going for the characters again. I also miss fighting enemies that are worth something; I still haven't had a chance to level up Reisen to the point where I can start experimenting with her. So next up is Byakuren, the final 3 star character quest.

As a bonus, here's an image of Kaguya playing the NES.


Fawriel 8th Jan 11