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Title is untranslated because I don't really know what it means. It's written all in hiragana, so I just have to take a wild guess. "Urameshi" means "grudge" and "ya" could be a variety of things. My best guess is that it means "store" and it's supposed to be some kind of shopkeeper advertising his wares. So "Grudges for sale!" or something like that. I'm not confident enough with that guess to put it in the title though.

Satori joins my party at 65, which means she's higher level than my low level characters, but not by much. She also has a ton more spells than I ever taught her. She learns things from enemies, remember? Including healing spells, which I wasn't aware were available to her. Mr. Save File seems to have set her up as primarily a healer, which seems kind of funny to me. As slightly too high level for the leveling party and too low level for the boss party, she'll likely be sitting out for a while. Still. There's just too much reading involved for her, sorry.

Next up is Youmu, and of course she's accompanied by Yuyuko. Which is I believe only the second direct rematch of a previous boss battle. This is somewhat surprising considering what fraction of our party we've already fought before. Location is the Netherworld, first half.

The Netherworld is divided into a top half and bottom half, with a falling mechanic to get you from the top to the bottom. While this was tolerable when exploring it the first time, it's much more annoying this time around, because the basic nature of it makes backtracking impossible. So I can't just waste all of my MP and bombs on normal enemies without possibly getting trapped, nor can I just find the boss and head back to heal. I am not searching this place for items.

First of all, I don't learn my lessons. Someday I shall defeat you, angel robot! Second of all, finding the boss is completely meaningless if I can't fight them until I save my items. Which requires leaving the area. Which resets their position. Not wanting to explore the area any more than I have to, I decide on the classic strategy of exiting and re-entering the area until she spawns somewhere I've already cleared enemies out of. I did this for Kaguya too. Eventually it works.

I set up something like a boss party to test the waters. And they kill me. Let it be known that that is not a situation you want to be in. I do not survive long enough to run, thus resetting their position again. Grr.

I learned the gist of the fight from this though. Youmu switches stances every third turn or so, and then spams a move based on which stance she's in. For Human Realm Stance she does single target attacks, for Heaven Realm Stance she does vertical line attacks (which hit everyone in my current formation), and for Asura Realm Stance she does a small AOE attack, hitting up to three people. All of these attacks come with a small chance of doing stat downs (defense down or attack down). Youmu's not weak, but Alice's Marrionette Pareil, which lets Alice block other people with her shield, is enough to reduce most of them to 0 damage when combined with Sanae's defense up.

However, every so often Youmu will do another move. I don't know if it's just ridiculously strong or pierces defense or what, but it does about 600 damage to my entire party. This is technically survivable, but I don't really have the time to get HP buffs up, for reasons which shall be explained shortly.

Yuyuko just kills you. Instant death. The status ailment version. Apparently it's super-death too, given that it seems to pierce Mokou's Reraise buff. Every single attack she has does death. Her normal attack, her all-targeting attacks, and especially her Last Spell, "Ressurection Butterfly -Half Bloom-". That one pretty much kills your entire party whenever she feels like it. Lastly, to add insult to injury, she casts a spell called Ether Spray that buffs her and Youmu's CAS. Just to make sure the death doesn't miss.

Basically, you're constantly dying in this fight. I need Sanae's resistance buff. I need Sanae's defense buff. I need Sanae's buff-buff because there's no such thing as too much resistance. I also need her HP buff for one of Youmu's abilities that she rarely does, but people are dying here and they need those resistance buffs otherwise they'll die again instantly. Also, Sanae is the only person who can revive people. So going down the priority list of buffs that I need in order to survive right now, I pretty much never get around to the HP one. If I do, it'll only be on a few people who just happen to have never died (preferably Sanae, who gets my anti-death accessory, but even that is unreliable).

Neither of them has much in the way of defensive abilities (although Yuyuko has quite a lot of evasion), so this is really just a fight to survive. And it's very hard to survive. Even with full resistance buffs, Yuyuko's Last Spell will generally kill at least half the party. Heck, even with Byakuren's CAS down debuff, plus full resistance buffs and buff-buffs Yuyuko's Last Spell generally kills 1-2 people. She's really good at this killing thing. If she gets her own CAS buff up while casting it, then it's no surprise when it literally just kills your entire party.

So the basic flow of the battle is that just when you start to get the death thing almost under control, Youmu suddenly does her super-attack and kills everyone. And then when you finally find them again Yuyuko unleashes her Last Spell at the very beginning of the battle, killing everyone before you can prepare. If Alice dies, then Youmu kills everyone with her unblocked physical attacks (200-300 damage each). If Sanae dies, I can't revive anyone. Hopefully I can manage to run away. Yeah, this battle is hard.

My strategy is to try to kill Youmu first, although come to think of it I'm not sure why. Probably because the first time she did her big attack it scared me, a lot. Maybe I would have been better off trying to kill Yuyuko first, but the world may never know. Notably though, it's a lot harder to kill Yuyuko because she has high evasion and is practically immune to elemental magic.

Ultimately, the way I win is to fight cheese with cheese. Cheese in this case is defined as Sakuya, with her super-sword and full Byakuren buffs. Even ignoring the ice property, she just has absurdly more attack power than anyone because she got so much attention from former endgame grinding. She is my Disc One Nuke right now, so I've been trying to avoid using her other than emergencies, but sometimes you just end up fighting Yuyuko and she kills you a lot. Furthermore, I put Aya in the commander slot. I'm not proud of myself.

As described: Aya makes everyone go first, then the party spends that time buffing Sakuya, then Sakuya interrupts the enemy's turn with Private Square, and finally she does half of Youmu's HP in one "turn". A free turn where I was in no danger of counterattack. And then the battle actually starts on the next turn with the standard defensive buffs (including CAS down on Yuyuko from Byakuren). And then cheese happens again and I get another "free" turn during which Youmu dies and from there on out it's smooth sailing. Sakuya has no more MP, but the damage was done. Losing 1-2 people every so often isn't a problem, and the fight is won. I am now unclean.

But, it's an actual strategy, right? Intentionally weakening myself by not using certain things is a Scrub mentality, right? It's not my fault that this save file has no weapons for anyone but Sakuya, right? If it was my own file I'd have more options because more characters could do decent damage, but I'm stuck with what I have, right? I just have to make the best of this dirty, dirty feeling in my heart. For the first time since skipping the final boss I feel like I'm cheating.

...not sure why I didn't feel like this on Alice. Possibly because I could have simulated the elemental effect with one of Byakuren's enchants on another character? Simulating ridiculously attack power and time stopping is a bit more difficult.

"Ugh". Youmu and Yuyuko have come to their sense after an excessive use of force (like always). Reimu wants to know that if they know anything about what did this to them, and Youmu doesn't, but... Yuyuko doesn't either. Picture chosen to provide a less sinister looking Yuyuko. However, based on what we've told her just now, she can make some assumptions about the culprit, specifically that it's no ordinary human or youkai. You'd need a frankly absurd amount of hatred or malice to corrupt the heart of someone like Yuyuko. Fitting that much hatred into a single youkai, or even a god, is no easy task. Picture chosen to provide a more sinister looking Yuyuko.

Anyway, this incident is looking to be pretty dangerous, so she's sending Youmu with us. Good luck, have fun! Yuyuko's "thing" seems to be flip-flopping between serious mode and super-happy mode really quickly.

So now I have my entire party back again, plus a few extras. The real game starts here, apparently. The rest of this was just wasting my time in a programmer manhour-efficient manner. Not that I'm complaining too much: I like fighting bosses. Other than the randomly changing sidequests, the only thing left on the quest board is Yuugi, so its a bottleneck that presumably starts the plot. Or at least other people in my party having dialog. That'd be nice.


Ahaha, "grudges for sale". That's kind of adorable.

Actually, the title made me think it's about Kogasa! From her Touhou wiki article:
In Undefined Fantastic Object, she says "Urameshiya". "Urameshii" means to hate or be bitter, while "ya" is similar to saying desu or da. It's often translated as "I hate you," or simply "Boo," which has become her catchphrase.
So yeah, it's a ghost thing. I think I've seen Yuyuko call something similar once to scare Youmu.

That was a tough fight, though. I bet you would have had more options if the previous owner dude had been more balanced! Otherwise, this fight would just be mean. Just goes to show that you can't beat Yuyuko when she's doing her super-death thing. I guess it makes sense for her to let loose with that when she's under the influence of Darkness-san.
Fawriel 10th Jan 11
Well, there you go. I was pretty sure I was missing something. My best guess wasn't a very good guess, even from my perspective, which is why I left it as a translator's note.
Clarste 10th Jan 11