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Axis Power Hetalia Episode 55

So today I'll be watching a random Hetalia episode. Man, finding this show in streaming was a bitch. Youtube and their copyright things. Now I have to look at it in Megavideo.Man, I hate Megavideo. Also, this entry will be shorter than usual mainly because Hetalie episodes are like 5 minutes long.

So we start with Greece and Japan looking at some ruins, and Greece telling his nippon friend that those ruins are, in fact, the land of Sparta LOL LIKE IN THE 300 MOVIE. Yaoi shows reference yaoi movies, I guess.


Then Japan says they used to have Spartan education in his country. Wait, isn't he the country? So he used to... But he says back home... So he lives in Japan, which is himself*pop*

Then Greece asks him if he used to fight naked and hunt study in the most calm manner you can ask something like that. Then Japan says that it's just that teachers are really strict there.

LOL Greece wants to see Japan in the nudes. What a pervert.

Sudden Light Beams and The Jimmy Hart Version of Also Spach Zarathustra! And no one knows why!

Wait, this is the OP? I was thinking of something more... Anime-ish. You know, with sparkles and stuff.

Then Greece says he wants to be a cat because they don't have to worry about money and shit. But Greece, if you were a cat you'd have to poop in a box, and that sucks.

And then Japan puts cat ears on Greece. Suddenly all the hentai in Danbooru makes sense. OH WAIT I FORGOT DANBOORU DOESN'T LIKE YAOI. Deviantart then.

Greece seems to be extremely delighted with this and asks Japan if he is going to be Nekogoro-san. Japan asks him what's up with the "-goro" and I wonder the same because the subber didn't bother in explaining it. So now, I'm my personal canon Greece is a Zelda fan.


Then they are confronted by Turkey who is dressed like a burglar for some reason. Wait, Greece and Turkie in the same space. OH BOY I SMELL DRAMA.

What's up with the piano music during all the episode? It's kind of annoying. Oh, and Turkie wants to beat Greece up because he is jelly or something because Japan is with him.

Woah Japan two handsome guys are fighting for you,you are a lucky boy.

Then they ask Japan to decide between Greece and Turkie, and Japan decides to do it with rock,paper,scissors.


Japan decides the atmosphere is too awkward(I will never learn to write this word properly) and decides to do a magic trick. NO JAPAN YOU ONLY HAVE FOUR FINGERS NOW NO ONE WILL LOVE YOU IN YOUR COUNTRY.

Woah, Turkie and Greece are dumb.

I love how the show is named after Italy but Japan sings the ED. Or does this change with the episode? I honestly don't know.

Well, that was it. It was okay, I guess. I like the dub more, though. What can you say, I'm a sucker for cheesy accents.