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Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? BlackWolfe watches Inception BLIND
Black Wolfe

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Let's get it started in here!

Hahahaha. See, it's funny 'cause*is shot*


Right, so I've never seen Inception before. I know it's got gorgeous effects, from having seen one scene over someone's shoulder when they illegally watched on one of those horrible websites that you should never go to ever.

Well, my parents got it on Blu-Ray, and since it came with a standard DVD copy as well, they sent me that DVD to have for my very own.

Inception is the source of much Hype Backlash and Hate Dom, and fans accused of being in the Fan Dumb. To me, the concept is good - much better than Dreamscape with its "that guy from The Warriors assassinates you in your dreams and Your Mind Makes It Real" plot. And Dreamscape is actually one of my favorite movies.

Whoops. Spoilers, there.

Anyway, the DVD is in the drive, and I'm gonna see what all the fuss is about.

right-click. "Play with HP DVD Play"

   WARNING    The movie or other program content contained on this optical disc is copyrighted material. Do not copy, distribute or publicly exhibit such content, including uploading and downloading over the Internet, unless specifically licensed by the copyright proprietor. If you do so without license — whether for monetary gain or not — you risk substantial fines and/or incarceration.

Unless you upload small clips for review or parody purposes, bitch.

NEXT: I predict this movie has a cold open that turns out to be a dream.
30th Dec '10 5:35:04 PM flag for mods
MrAHR 30th Dec 10
You are waiting for a train...
Lock 30th Dec 10
Fucking Inception, how does it work?
Vorpy 30th Dec 10
"...Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality~"
IniquitusTheThird 31st Dec 10
1) Hi, Mr AHR!

2) Now that I'm more than halfway through the movie, I get that.

3) LOL

4) "Open your eyes... look up to the skies/and see!"
BlackWolfe 31st Dec 10
Most mindbending movie ever? I think yes. I actually saw this before Shutter Island, and now can't watch Inception the same way, without theorizing....that Shutter Island could possibly be the prequel to Inception. O_o I'm sure that's been said before, but i just had to bring it up again :)
noelle314 22nd Jul 11
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