Let's Laugh at IdiotsTogether! Spain Sun's Liveblog of "Edit Banned"

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Hello, to kick things off the metaphorical ground here. First let me introduce myself, I'm Spain Sun, troper, and person. Here, in my FIRST EVER liveblog we will be cataloging the attempts of various Wiki (and sometimes forum) banned individuals to regain their status as non banned individuals. Some of them will succeed, others will fail. Here, we are far more concerned with the latter. Because we lack pity, and are general jackasses who like to laugh at other jackasses.


The first post in the thread is by an individual named G Car 77, politely asking to have his edit ban lifted. His request is granted, and due to a mumbling of discontent about the number of banlift-request threads by way of Dorkus. The thread is stickied, becoming the impromptu thread for banned tropers to plead their cases before the almighty Fast Eddie.

The first case of ignorance comes to us from a "Van Hohenheim" (FMA fan? You have good taste in anime at least, my friend) he asks to have his editing privelages reinstated after—as it turns out—edit warring over an image. Fast Eddie's response is swift, and powerful.

Editing warring about an image and ignoring a request to discuss the change, which had been marked in the article as being under discussion.

Life is too short to waste on that kind of thing. So ... no.

Don't feel too stung, Van. That is nothing compared to what pops up on page 2.

An anonymous-avatarer named "Esau" appears on the thread's second page, asking if his "friend" (which here we can presumably read as "main account") has been banned. We later find out he has removed almost everything from the School Days page. Silly vandals.

Well that's all for now, folks. Join us next time when we Laugh at idiots together! If you'd like to follow Edit Banned yourself, the thread is here. So long! Stay cool, Tropers.


Ah, Edit Banned, such a beautiful trainwreck, where the fun never ends, and that's how we like it :p
slowzombie 30th Dec 10
Heh. Think if he showed up now, he'd have been given a lighter sentence?
MrAHR 30th Dec 10
pretty coo'.
merton 30th Dec 10
This may be one of the best Liveblog ideas around.
SomeColorMage 30th Dec 10
:D And Inner Spain Sun is happy. As am I. Keep it up, you're doing fine!
BlackWolfe 30th Dec 10
This oughta be good.

SpellBlade 30th Dec 10
Heh, yeah, I love reading that thread. Seeing other's reactions to it will be quite entertaining.
TriggerLoaded 30th Dec 10
Good start. Nice Quips.
Ghilz 30th Dec 10
Eight comments already? I wish my LB (which I should continue some time) would get any...

Anyway, I liked it. I had my doubts when the idea of an "Edit Banned" LB was mentioned the first time, since I couldn't really imagine it, but this start convinced me that it could get quite good. Can't wait for the next entry!
Nyarly 31st Dec 10
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