Let's Play Tactics Ogre


Part 32: Princess

Donald Presance- 53 years old: A Walsta Liberation Army priest. A priest of the Filaha religious order. He was running an orphanage at a church in Amorika, but it was set on fire by the Gargastans. He lost everything and has vowed to take revenge upon the enemy.

Junk battle.

Pajo: You betrayed... your own... traitor...

We get some faerie armor, which I give to Guildus. I find it amusing that the man wielding AN AXE OF PURE UNADULTERATED EVIL is wearing armor created by fucking faeries.

By the way, if you use dragon magic, be sure to give it's users some MP-giving items. Dragon magic takes a lot of MP.

I level everybody to level 30.

Let's go to Banisha and kick some ass.

This is a multi part battle.

We are confronted at the gates by some Dark Knights. It's not too hard. We get 2520 Goth and a mind ring. Yawn, next?

Our position. Byan is at 1, Haborym is at 2, Area is at 3, Bruno is at 4, Presance is at 5, Orcus is at 6, Aloser is at 7, Belgger is at 8, Basha is at 9, and Guildus is at 10.

Lans, Kachua, and Barbas are talking.

"I never thought they would find us here," Lans says.

"Someone may have leaked the information to the Liberation Army," Barbas replies. "Maybe Branta."

"I didn't think he's that stupid..."

"Either way, this is the time to avenge Ozma's death!"

"Don't be so hot-headed. Barbas, they are much stronger than before!" You got that right.

"Do you doubt my abilities!?" Barbas shouts.

"I'm just telling you not to underestimate them."

"I will fight them anyways! ... You're not thinking of leaving Valeria?"

"It depends on the situation," Lans mutters. "We are to terminate the plan and retreat according to the orders that I received..."


"That is our order... we can't disobey it! And..."

"We haven't lost yet!" Barbas insists. "We can't back down without a fight!"

We enter. "Kachua!!!" Orcus shouts. "Tartare! Give my sister back!"

Lans and Kachua start to walk away.

"I will let you handle this!" Lans tells Barbas.

"Trust me. I will show them real power."

"Come this way!" Lans tells Kachua, and they leave.

"I was waiting for you, kid!!!" Barbas screams. He summons a bunch of templars and some dragons. "Challenging me from the front gate, you've got some pretty big ones for a child!!" I love that line.

"That's the same thing your dead friend said," Orcus said, thoroughly owning Barbas.

"You son of a...! Come Here!" Random Capitalization Annoys Me. "I want to show you something." He pulls out a... gun!? "Do you know what this is? This is a gun. I heard this weapon was more powerful than magic." He shoots and kills one of his own templars. "Shit, this weapon is too powerful! I'm gonna hurt myself with this thing! Hey you, hold this!" He gives one of his templars the gun. "I guess kids should stick with swords. Come, Orcus!"

Guildus has a conversation with Barbas. "Where have I seen you... that's odd. How can I forget such an ugly face? Or was that your ass I saw?"

"The knight from Zenobia! You really are a fool!!"

"Where is that clown-like buddy of yours?"

"Martym!? You know Martym!? Now I remember... you're the knight who begged for mercy when you got hit by Martym!"

"You haven't changed a bit. You make things sound so dramatic!"

Barbas has special conversations with all the White Knights, Canopus, and Vice (who you get in the Law route).

This battle wouldn't be so hard if I didn't want to get the gun. However, I really do, so yeah.

This battle isn't as hard as it looks. There's a wall at the start; Orcus is the only offensive attacker that can get past it without going around. I take a risk and have him go to the very top, pelting the enemy with arrows. He's attacked, but Basha and Presance (what with Heal Rain) heal him. He shoots down Woody, the enemy with the gun, but in doing so he's advanced past healing range; to heal him, I'd have to make Basha vulnerable. I take a huge risk and have her do so. Before any enemies can move, however, Area "kills" Barbas.

"Uhh... you're starting to scare me! I have to come up with an excuse...and quick.." He uses an escape crystal.

"Wait, Barbas!"

We get 1750 Goth, 2 balder helmets, and the gun, Rim Fire.

Our position is the same as before.

Lans stands before a bunch of templars.

"Barbas was defeated!? The Liberation Army must be as strong as the Roslolians now! Kachua, we are going to Heigm."

"No, I'm not!" she protests. "I'm sick and tired of running away!!"

"Listen to me! Go to the far end of the castle!" She leaves the map! Awesome!

You see, depending on previous choices, she'll either leave or stay. I'm not sure what affects this. If she stays, you'll have to fight her and make sure you don't kill her, so this is good; we can use Wipe Out without hurting her.

We arrive. "Kachua!!!" Overuses of exclamation marks annoy me!!!

"Orcus of Griate! I shall be your opponent!!!"

I won't lie; this guy is one of the strongest bosses in the game. Fudo will be of great use here.

"It's over, Lans! Give me my sister back!"

"Give her back? How can I give her back when she chose to join us!? You're the one who disgraces the king of Valeria!"

"Everything went wrong the moment you Roslolians came to Valeria! Had you not come, we could have been brother and sister forever!"

On Lan's turn: "It is your uncle Branta who called us here. We are not the invaders! We are the arbitrators! And yet the Liberation Army insists on fighting us! If you want to have peace and order in Valeria, bow to us!!"

"We don't need peace and order laid down by brute force!"

"I know a knight who said the same thing. He had the same look in his eyes... you shall follow the same path that knight has taken." In case you don't realize, he's talking about himself. Probably.

The knights all can warp. This is actually more of a hindrance to them; the way they move, they come down one by one, allowing us to kill them one by one. By the time Lans comes down, he has almost no backup, and 5 attacks kill him before he can do very much damage.

"I guess this is it... I have no choice!"

He teleports out.

"Wait, Tartare!" We get 2625 Goth, 2 Magi++, and 2 escape crystals. Now we can wield the items that have been used as plot convenience for this entire game! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I replaced the original song with a fan work I felt was more effective (it's the same thing, but a has a little bit more instrumentation). Listen to the original here.

Kachua stares at the wall sadly.

Snippets of voices outside the door say, "...I haven't found anything yet."

"...should be somewhere... search..."

A familiar voice says, "How about this room?"

We walk in.

"...Kachua..." He walks over to her. "Are you alright, Kachua?"

She turns away from us. "What are you going to do with me?"

"What...? Kachua, I came her to save you." We walk over to her. She runs.

"Get away from me!"


"That name has no meaning to me. I am Bersalia, the queen of Valeria."

Orcus walks closer. "No, you are my sister!" She says nothing. "We lived together as a family. We may not be related by blood, but does it make a difference? You're my one and only sister."

"No!!!" she screams, turning to us. "Then why did you abandon me? Why did you get rid of me!?"

Time for a guide dang it moment. If you select wrong options during the next two questions, Kachua will kill herself. Yes, really. If she does that, you get a bad ending. The choice you should make to avoid this depends on a certain factor. Here, the right answer is predetermined, but the next one decides on a certain variable.

Select 2.

"I did, once. But that is because I didn't want to involve you in battles."

"You're lying! You just got tired of me!"

This is where the Guide Dang It part comes in. If Kachua fought in the battle, select 1. If she didn't, pick 2. I have no idea how people were expected to know this.

"I never want to be apart from you again! I can't imagine a world without you!"

"Orcus..." Kachua whispers.

"Kachua... father is dead. I had a chance to talk to him before he died... he told me if that if he had returned you to the king after the death of the prince, the war might not have happened... but he didn't. He just couldn't give up the child who called him 'father.' You know that I'm not lying! Dad loved you, Kachua. He loved you more than anything else in the world! He loved you even though you were not his real daughter."


"Come with me, Kachua! I'm not about to give up on my only sister!"

She collapses into Orcus' arms.

"I'm so sorry, Kachua. I will never abandon you again." The scene fades out.

Meet Kachua the princess! Remember the awesome character I mentioned getting last chapter? Yeah. This is her. She has both the spells of clerics and priests, can wield attack magic, and can decently defend herself in battle. Yep, she's suddenly become badass.

In a desert, Lans berates Barbas.

"Barbas, you shameless bastard," Lans growls. "You have come back from your battle alive...!"

Barbas says nothing.

"We will go back to Heigm!" Lans announces. As the templars leave, Lans tells Barbas, "You're useless!" He leaves. Barbas can only stare in silence.

Next time: sidequests, and perhaps a bit of Hell Gate!

Oh, and I'd like to thank "shallowman" for all the music.

And by the way, I've decided I'm going to do Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis, the prequel to this game, after this is over. And the end is coming. It's about a knight from Lodis.