Let's Play Tactics Ogre


Part 27: Get A Lich

Get it? Because "life" kind of sounds like lich, so I'm telling you to get a life, but instead of life, it's lich! It's a play on words! Ha ha ha ha ha... ha... ha...


Anyway, Byan is more than ready to become a lich. What is a lich, you may be asking, and what do you have to do to get them?

A lich is a powerful mage and can be considered the closest thing to an upgraded wizard. However, he is gotten in an unconventional way. Remember when we saved Byan (FUCKING FIGHT UAHGKVG), we killed a cockatrice, who dropped something called an Undead ring? What you do is that you equip that on a wizard with appropriate stats... and then you let them die in battle. They'll be resurrected as an ultra powerful lich, who can use a ton of magic.

BEWARE! Doing this has some negative effects; notably, it causes the resurrected character's loyalty to decrease. Let's see Byan's loyalty.

"People are not unsatisfied with the idea, yet they do not stop those who criticize it."

Good. That's around a middle loyalty. I have no idea why they refer to Byan as multiple people; this game's translation, you understand.

I get into a random battle in Brigantes.

Byan: I died once.... do not grieve for me...

Wait, what the hell!?

Whoah! Holy crap! Byan just became ten times more awesome!

He's resurrected with 100 HP. I have Aloser give him a Cure++.

Oh, and I recruited a dragon.

Meet "Memphis."

Stupid Names Count: 12

Based on the fact a dragon is named Memphis, not the name of the city itself.

Leonard Leci Limon: The former chief of the Amorika Knight Battalion. Walstanian. He was a trusted knight of Duke Ronway, but was killed by Orcus in battle at Coritani Castle.

Let's see what Byan's loyalty is. Hmmm... it didn't change from around the middle. Cool.

Now we have a mage that can do all the following: Fire Burn, Acid, Ice Blast, Ion Shot, Incubus, Snap Shot Nova, Meteor, Acid Rain, Thunder, Pain Magma God, Gnome, Fenril, Kaminari, Dark Law Nova+, Quake, Ice Cloud, Air Cry, Death, Zoshonell, Bartha, Gurza, Hahnela, Charge, Stun, Poison, Clear, Storm, Charm Heat, Jump, Slow Move, Quick, Paradigm, Melt, Petrify, Heal Rain, Teleport, and Necro.

Yeah. Lot more than before, huh?

I buy him Quick and have it replace Acid Rain. This will speed up comrades.

This is the auction button. You can auction off L sized dragons, like our new buddy Memphis, for items or money.

You have to pay 1000 Goth admission.

...Sorry, old boy.

We get 7350 Goth. Not much, but I wanted to demonstrate auctions.

Let's meet an old friend.

Look who it is.

"Hey, haven't we met before?! Well, what do you know! I never thought I would bump into you again. Belda and Obda, come!" Here they come. "And this time, I have some new friends! Let me introduce you to them! Banga! Zanga! Come out!" And here are some more. "I may be a shitty bounty hunter, but I will fight for the Cardinal until I die. This is my chance to avenge the Cardinal's death!"

If you ask me, this theme is underused.

Anyway, this battle is pretty simple; you have the high ground, so I suggest you wait for the enemy to come to you. Snipe them from afar.

I snipe a griffin.

"Zanga! Your death will not be in vain!" He gets 50 HP, not like it matters.

I cast Quick on Aloser.

"Obda! Noooo! What have you done!? You can't die!"

Where we are now. We're still keeping a defensive position.

A griffin is on our right flank. We Petrify a cockatrice coming from the front to deal with this new threat.

"Belda! My friend!"

This battle is ridiculously easy. My archers really shine here; they're doing around 100 damage per shot. Told you archers were ridiculously overpowered.

"Banga! Forgive me! I will avenge you!"

I pretty much move at my leisure, collecting cards. Bruno gets a luck card, Orcus gets a dexterity card, and Bruno gets a life card, reducing Ganb to 24 HP with the bow attack he uses afterwords.

"Damn it! Retreat! Just wait... Next time, I will get you!" He escape. Again.

We get 1350 Goth.

Meanwhile, in Griate...

Kachua stares dejectedly into the horizon.

"Orcus. You are the only family I have left..."

A mysterious off screen voice says, "That is not true. You are a complete loner."

"Who is that?!"

Yeah, who the hell is that!?

Oh no... it's Lans...

"Lans Tartare! Why are you here!?"

"Your mother died after giving birth to you. And your father died several months before the war erupted," Lans quietly explains. "You have no brother or no parents. You're the only one left in your family."

"What are you talking about?! I have a brother, Orcus!"

"You already know that you are not the real child of Plancy Powell. You just assumed that the same goes for your brother. But you are mistaken. Plancy is your adopted father, but he is Orcus' real father."

"Then who am I?"

"Your real name is Bersalia. Bersalia Overis."


"Bersalia Overis. No, that's not true!"

"You know it to be true..." God damn it, game, that again!? "You know the Valerian King's family name was Overis. You're the daughter of the late King Dolgare!"

Kachua is royalty!?

It starts to rain, and dramatic music starts playing.

"However, you are not the child of Queen Bernata, the wife of King Dolgare. There was a maid that worked for the Queen. Her name was Manafloa. Well, King Dolgare lusted after her. When the Queen conceived the Prince, Manafloa conceived you. The Queen wanted to protect her family line and exiled Manafloa. Your mother gave birth to you and died."

"This is a lie!"

"...And guess who took care of you? It was Branta, the King of Bacrum. He gave you to his brother Plancy. He took advantage of the situation. The reason why Branta was able to become Cardinal was because of the fact that he had you."

"No, you are making this up!"

"I can prove my story is true. Take a look at your necklace. Aren't there ancient words chiseled in? Since you studied to become a Priestess, read it."

Kachua is silent.

"Labon Bersalia Zan Von Destonia Lera Finan - eternal love to my daughter Bersalia. That was the necklace King Dolgare gave you. Although, the King wasn't sure that you were alive. You and your mother were supposedly killed by the Queen."

"What do you want with me?"

Some Dark Knights, Volac (who we've met) and Andoras (who we haven't) show up.

"I want you to come with me to Heigm. Plancy can tell you all of the details. Princess Kachua. This way please."

Plancy is alive!?

Kachua walks towards them.

Let's go to Rime!

(I finally made it back to Rime. But where the hell is the Duke?)

It seems Orcus has contracted a case of Gratuitous Swearing. Vice was hit hard by it

A familiar voice shouts from off-screen, "Come on, hurry up!"

"Hmmm...did they notice me?"

Vice and some Bacrumese soldiers run by.

"Vice? What is he doing with a Bacrum soldier? I wonder...?!"

Inside a church, Ronway and Lans are surrounded by knights.

"Under whose authority are you working?!" Lans shouts to the Bacrumese.

"Yours, of course!! What are you talking about?! Lans, you have betrayed us!" Ronway screams.

"This is ridiculous! I haven't betrayed anybody!!"

It's Vice!

"Vice, you came to help me!"

"Duke, come this way!!" Vice roars.

The Duke runs over and...

...What the hell!? Vice has betrayed Ronway!

"V...Vice...you betrayed me...? You...scum..." And with that, the Duke collapses and dies.

"How pathetic, Duke Ronway. You're next, Lans! This will be the last breath you breathe!" He screams. Vice was planning two betrayals at once?!

"Too much ambition will kill you, lad," Lans calmly says.

"Shut up, just shut up! Don't you understand the situation you're in, stupid!? Go ahead, kill him!"

The Bacrumese knights close in.

There's a ruckus from outside.

"Wha... what the hell!?" Vice shouts.

Oz and Ozma are confronted by Bacrumese troops. Seems Lans planned ahead.

"What's going on here?! Clear the way, get out!"

The leader, the terror knight Highlam, says, "Behave yourself, foreigner."

"Who sent you? Branta?"

"It is very natural for dogs to bark for no reason..."

"Dog?! Who are you calling a dog?!"

So it is Branta who has betrayed the Dark Knights!

Our troops appear. Orcus, oblivious to the situation, mutters to himself, "I guess there's some treachery going on within the Bacrum Army."

Our arrival distracts Highlam, allowing Oz and Ozma to sneak through. "Wait!" a Bacrumese knight who notices, too late, shouts.

"Leave it! Let's take care of this business first!"

"Don't bother with the soldiers! Attack the leader!"

Unlike what Orcus says, you should kill some troops. One wizard has Kaminari, and another has Fenril. A cleric has some grease boots.

The troops, almost all of them caught on camera.

I have my troops attack the left flank too.

Once I get Fenril and Kaminari (I don't really care about the grease boots), I kill the boss.

Highlam: You little scums...

"Go find the Duke and Lans!" we command.

We get 1325 Goth, Fenril, Kaminari, and warp boots. Sweet.

Well, it seems Lans has outsmarted you, Vice, and in the end, he outsmarted Branta too. He outsmarted everybody.

"Help me! I'll do anything! Spare my life!" Vice begs.

"What should we do with this kid?" Oz asks.

"Please...Branta forced me to do this! I didn't intend to rebel against you. Please!" You coward!

"Don't you have any pride as a warrior?" Lans asks.

"Hee, hee, hee...I said I'll do anything..."

"...Shut up!" Lans shouts.

"I must have been possessed by evil spirits! Yeah, that's it! I don't have a grudge against you!" You're so pathetic, Vice.

"I said shut up!"


"I shall spare your life." Whoah, really? Lans didn't strike me as the sparing type.


"But don't you dare show your face to me again!"

"Thank you. Thank you!!"

"Get out of here, now!!" Vice runs away. "Oz, Ozma...you have done well."

"A messenger from Fiduc came by. He said Plancy was kidnapped from the City of Heigm and taken somewhere," Ozma says.

"What?! Any suspects?"

"It was probably a member of the Valerian Liberation Front."

"We don't need Plancy anymore, because we have already found the Princess. But still, we can't allow this information to get out. Very well, I will leave this matter to you two. Kill the kidnapper and Plancy as well..."

"Yes sir, I will complete my mission for the honor of the Gracious family!"

...Your family name is Gracious?

"What about Branta?" Oz asks.

"He'll pay for this treachery...we just need to be a little more patient. All we need is to find one more thing..."

Next time: we (hopefully) finish the chapter!