Let's Play Tactics Ogre


Part 25: Make Like A Tree

Okay, thanks. I was just curious.

Byan's spells have started to have this range (except Acid Rain). You'll find that after a certain number of levels, the range of your wizards' magic will increase exponentially. This is what the wizards last battle hit us with, and why they were dangerous. The same goes with our healers, though their radius expands less.

Random battle (I went back to Ashton to train). I get 1250 Goth and a nest horn, which makes the weather worse. No use.

Ganb Backstein- age unknown: Gargastan. An extremely vulgar and disgusting man. His arrogant attitude has cause him to make a lot of enemies. Very few people like him because of his distrust towards them and his body odor. The only things he gets along with are the animals he trains.

I level up everybody to level 19.

Next battle is filler. It's full of dragons, so bring a dragoon if you have one; their attack power against dragons increases significantly. He was doing about a hundred damage to the dragons.

We get 3500 Goth and some more Goth. What a useless battle.

Meanwhile, at Heigm (where Branta hangs out), Branta is growing restless.

"Is that true?" he asks.

"Yes, the Amorika troops are not the ones who took over Coritani Castle," the knight explains.

"Then Ronway will be forced to send his troops to Coritani Castle. And most of those soldiers must come from Amorika. The leader will probably be the Hero of Griate. The only knight who is capable of defeating him is Leonard."

"This is true..."

"Hmmm...I see...take the three strongest battalions from Heigm," Branta commands.

"Yes, your highness."

A man named Volac tells Branta to not be so hasty. "I hope you remember the vow that you made to our lord."

The what now?

"...That you would not act in haste without the lord's permission," Volac says in Branta's silence.

Branta stands up. "A vow? Your lord said that the Dark Knights would back me until I became king...that was the vow you made to me! And you have yet to complete that vow! You do not have any right to enforce any vow that I made to you!"

"Calm down, your highness. There is a reason why we are not dealing with the troops from Amorika. Be patient," Volac says.

"I don't care! Go now and give my order, messenger!"

"Yes, sir." The Bacrum knight turns to leave.

"Are you making us your enemy, your highness?" Volac asks.

Branta sits back down when a Bacrumese soldier enters.

"Your highness, there is a messenger from the Amorika troops!" the soldier asks.


Look who it is. He's shoving the soldier out of the way in the picture.

"Whew...I finally made it...you're the Cardinal, right?"

"Don't just stand there! Protect the Cardinal!" Volac shouts. Terror knights surround Branta.

"Hey, take it easy. You're going to kill me before I can spit out the message that I was ordered to give!" Vice says.

"You've got some nerve, kid...now speak!" The terror knights back off.

"I'm beginning to like this guy...I brought you some real good news."

"I thought you were a messenger of the Amorika troops. Who are you?" Volac asks.

"Oh, I'm part of the Liberation Army, alright. Wait a sec, Cardinal...can you get rid of this old fart? I'm not talking with this guy in here." He's talking about Volac.

Branta laughs. "You're pretty funny, kid." Since when? "I like that." How did I know these two would become fast friends? "Well, gramps, you heard the man! Make like a tree and get out of here!"

Make like a... what!?

"Now, go ahead."

"Well..." The scene fades to black.

Let's storm Brigantes.

The game gives you a choice of which front to storm. I decide to storm West Brigantes, as there's a spell that can be collected there.

Our position. Byan is at 1, Canopus is at 2, Aloser is at 3, Bruno is at 4, Freesia is at 5, Orcus is at 6, Area is at 7, Belgger is at 8, Basha is at 9, and Delta is at 10.

Let's fight it out.

We are confronted by a hawkman.

"Aren't you Orcus?! You were the one who killed Zildor! I don't care about the Cardinal, but you will pay for Zildor's death!"

What's so great about this Zildor chick!? Both Zaebos and this guy mentioned her!


Map. The squares indicate places where you can collect treasure; go here for more info. I don't really give a shit about treasure, so yeah.

In this battle, I'd suggest you take a defensive position; move no more than a few tiles away. This way, while the enemy is forced to traverse this, you can shoot at them.

"We have to defeat him, before this storm turns into a blizzard," Canopus says. Despite what he says, there's no time limit for this battle.

Like this.

One of the enemy hawkmen has an aqua hammer.

Here's our position on the left front, and our position on the right. Note the enemy Delta stunned.

Our position left, right, and up.

Aloser kills the boss.

Orgeu: Sorry...Zildor...I could not...avenge...you...unhg...

Aloser is the MVP (I guess she'll be awesome next battle), and we get some battle boots and a gemini crossbow. We are brought to the edit screen. It's two handed, so I have no use for it. The hammer is weaker than the the balder swords. It's still nice to have, I guess.

Our position. It's the exact same as the last battle.

We are confronted by Zaebos once again.

"What took you so long, Orcus? I've been waiting for you. I finally understand why the Liberation Army is after you. You could never stain your hands with the blood of innocents...you just let other people do your dirty work and all you do is talk about peace and justice...people will eventually start to support you, just because you are not 'dirty' like Ronway. But that will not last long. People will soon find out the truth about you."

This is our first fight with an upgraded unit.

Bruno kills the boss... in the first turn. How did I do this, you may ask?

My strategy was to have no one move. The wizards attacked us in such a way that I could easily heal the damaged units with Heal+ and Heal. All the troops moved; the Exorcist didn't heal anybody since nobody was hurt. One of the people that moved forward was Zaebos. Thus, I moved everyone forward and attacked him with bows. It took only an attack from Orcus, a Meteor spell from Byan, an attack from Belgger, and an attack from Bruno before he was done.

"The traitors are in the castle...they are looking for their savior. They're not the only ones, though...the people of Valeria are also looking for their savior...can you be their savior? You hypocrite? Only time will tell."

And with those chilling words, everyone dies.

We get 300 Goth and a Fafniel sword.

One of the captives Zaebos planned to kill thanks us. "I thank you on behalf of our people. You are from Walsta, are you not? Why did you bother saving us, when you know full well that we are Gargastans? Especially, since I heard you were one of the members who participated in the Baramus massacre."

"I don't expect you to believe this, but I am innocent. Yes, I was there when the massacre took place. But when I found out the true purpose of our plan...I decided to leave the Liberation Army. Then they made it seem that I was responsible for the massacre."


"I finally realized who the real enemy is...you see, there wasn't any ethnic war between Walsta and Gargastan. The people in power have perpetuated the hatred between our people. The Cardinal and the Duke have been using us. The true enemy is not Gargastan, but the people who are controlling them."

"But you are the leader of an organization. You too have power and authority...there may come a time when you may have to sacrifice your own beliefs just to achieve your goal. When you come face to face with that situation, what will you do?" Good question.

"I would rather die than travel down the same path as the Duke and the Cardinal."

"...You are young. Your words are coming from your youth." Perhaps. "But, I believe in you."

"Thank you."

A Gargastan youth enters. "Orcus! Coritani Castle has fallen to the Liberation Army!"

"I see...finally, the Liberation Army has made their move. I never thought that I would have to fight the Liberation Army, but things have changed. I will fight them to the very end. I will kill the Duke and finally bring peace to Valeria!"

We are brought to the map screen.

Next time: we get a handy new NPC and duel an old friend!