Let's Play Tactics Ogre


Part 23: *insert Legend of Zelda joke here*

Bios are automatically updated when things happen in the story, Endark.

Let's do this.

Updates on the kills count: Orcus has 17, Belgger has 22. Belgger is getting there. The filler battles later on may prove useful.

Our position. Man, I've said that a lot in this LB, haven't I?

Anyway, Presance is at 1, Hogan is at 2, Area is at 3, Canopus is at 4, Freesia is t 5, Orcus is at 6, Aloser is 7, Belgger is at 8, Byan is at 9, and Bruno is at 10.

Map for this battle. We're located around the red square, the enemies are located around the blue.

The boss, amusingly named "Gannon," confronts us. I'm not sure whether or not I should add that to the list.

"So you are Orcus! You're a hard person to track down! Make it easy on yourself and let me have your head, kid!"

How about no.

I'd suggest you take a defensive position in this battle; as can be seen on the map, we have the high ground. Send strong characters to the red circles (check out my mad Paint skills.) I send- who else?- Orcus and Belgger.

Our position in a nutshell. Orcus didn't have quite the range to move to the position I showed, but I'll deal with it. Hogan and Canopus are shooting from the rooftops (the archers couldn't reach the roof.)

Byan has a skill, Meteor, that is quite awesome. It can do around 52 damage; with a cross-shaped range. This is quite cool.

Belgger kills this griffin.

Belgger kills this lizard man.

Orcus kills a soldier and levels up.

Belgger levels up.

Our formation is a bit screwed now.

Note the boss is level 17, we're level 15. Eep.

Belgger kills a wizard. This guy is on a roll.

Belgger kills a dragon.

Orcus kills a lizard man.

Canopus picks up a dexterity card.

Canopus counter-kills a griffin. Damn it.

Here's where we're at right now.

Belgger kills the boss, picking up a luck card as he does so.

Gannon: I see... the Liberation Army won't be able to handle you... argh!

We get 3500 Goth, Belgger is the MVP and gets a bonus level up to level 17.

We get a heavy mallet, a slender spear, and a... Balder sword!? Awesome!

Back to the world map.

Dolgare, Zaebos, Oz, Ozma, Martym, Barbas, and Balzepho have been added. I'm giving Dolgare as a freebie, as he's really important.

His portrait.

Dolgare Overis: The late king of the Valeria Kingdom. Bacrum. He was granted with the unique ability to end the ethnic war and unite the country. Intelligent, honest, and warm hearted, his well-balanced character gained the support of the people. His involvement in the so called "ethnic unity movement" was so successful that the people called him "The Savior." He died without any successors which plunged Valeria into chaos.

Lans Hamilton- 40 years old: The former head chief of the Zenobian Holy Knights. Born in the city of Valna at Sharom (a Zenobian district). When he was stationed in Rime, he was attacked by the Bacrum Army. His troops were outnumbered and they were defeated in battle. He has been missing since.



Warren Report Updates

On that rather melancholy note, let's look at some news.

Unity of Coritani

Duke Ronway, the leader of the Walsta Liberation Army, had a meeting the former leader of the Gargastan Army. Both parties agreed upon the dissolution of the Gargastan Army and delegating administrative power of the Coritani region to the Walsta Liberation Army. Thus, Barbatos' reign has officially ended.

Gargastan Captured!

Most of the former Gargastan soldiers left the army or enlisted in the Walsta Liberation Army. It seems more soldiers want the war to end, which has been going on for more than two years. Not only that, they have now found new enemies in Bacrum. Under these circumstances, the Walsta Liberation Army is getting more Gargastan people to join.

The Refugees Return

A lot of refugees from Rime have been flowing out ever since Bacrum attacked. However, some of the refugees in the Fiduc region are coming back to town. The Bacrum Army claims that this is a sign that Rime is very close to achieving peace. Refugees claim they have no choice because the people of Fiduc want them to leave.

Eruption of Wyoburi

Wyoburi Volcano in the Bacrum Mountain Range has erupted. This is the first big eruption in 120 years. The eruption is now over, and the earthquakes are subsiding. Valeria is a volcanic country, but the only active volcano is Mt. Hedon in Banhamuba Island. The rest are dormant.

Fall of Coritani

Coritani Castle, the former Gargastan Army headquarters, is now being occupied by the Liberation Army. The remaining Gargastan Army attacked the castle. The leader of the troops, Knight Zaebos, is the former right hand man of the late Barbatos. He was one of the officers who promoted the "ethnic cleansing" policy. The Liberation Army is now putting a bounty on his head as a war criminal.

Back To The Gameplay

The shop now has balder swords, balder helmets, and balder robes. As you can probably guess, this is upgraded equipment.

There are some notable spells. Most importantly, there's now Heal+. This heals in a cross radius, which is quite awesome. Freesia can of course use it. And... Presance can't equip it. Yeah, definitely going to do something about him. I'm glad I didn't disband old units... Julia didn't have bad stats... hmmmmm...

There's a crap-load of offensive magic too. I buy Byan Acid Rain to replace Incubus.

Well, that's it. Sorry, I forgot I had to do all this stuff.

Next time: we fix the Presance problem, and fight Zaebos!